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“Winning” Cookie Clicker

Blue Blue
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and the inevitable depression, distrust and fear that accompanies it.

Note: Seems like some of the windows don’t show up correctly. If you see my mouse hovering at the top of the screen (with the cookies frozen) its because something like this popped up.

That’s the pop-up for buying the first grandmatriarch upgrade. The second time it freezes you can guess what it says and you can almost hear the crying.


  1. Bois im from the future and i gotta tell you this is still a a thing oh and get your masks ready cuz of cOrOnA ViRuS

  2. Every session of Cookie Clicker is personalized

  3. It tried to get rid of us, the nasty little thing. – grandma

  4. It's been about two years since this video was made, and this is considered barely scratching the surface of cookie clicker

  5. I didn’t expect Plin Plin Plon here

  6. I wonder what that music That plays through out the Video is…
    (The piano music, and the Music that sounds like it would play At the end of the world, that plays near the end of the video)

  7. In case anyone wants to know what these songs are, it's Gwyn, Lord of Cinder and Iron Golem respectively, both from the Dark Souls soundtrack.

  8. I immediately went out of my comfort zone

  9. our last choice.. shaggy..
    wait what’s that green thing?

  10. Just so you know, starting the apocalypse is good, it summons monsters that eat your cookies, but when you click them they die and give you back more cookies than they took.

  11. me just using exploit and getting infity cookie for 10 mins

  12. Holy crap Thats some creepypasta shit right there

  13. Yeah and you totally didn't give yourself those cookies

  14. you now can see more achievements and buildings soooooooooooo you still dint win it

  15. i can beat this ez in like 5-10min go to console then give urself cookies thats it

  16. I can beat this guy in 10 seconds by making infinity amount of cookies

  17. You did it?… yet was it truly victory…

  18. "as he reset, he felt only but pain in his life, as he spent a portion of his life, clicking cookies. amen"

  19. They guessed 2021 quality videos in 2013. Have we evolved? Maybe we evolved, and then devolved.

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