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Why have these people been playing Cookie Clicker for SEVEN YEARS?

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Cookie Clicker is still going strong in 2020. Let’s find out why.

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  1. I remember 'playing' Progress Quest many years before Cookie Clicker existed.

  2. What is going on in the back end of the program.. ??

  3. I don't idle. I downloaded an auto clicker after my first mouse broke. Now I zoom the screen in until the two brown vertical bars are just past each other and then put the autoclicker on clicking the k in cookies. All the golden cookies spawn at that location now! It plays while I'm sleeping and at work, etc. and when I'm home, I play for real.

  4. I wanna say that people keep playing cookie clicker because it NEVER ASKS YOU PAY FOR ANYTHING IN REAL LIFE and I really like that.

  5. Great video, cookie clicker is coming to steam now

  6. Cookie clicker is an icon. It was cool game, when I was studying for becoming programmer myself. The way that game twists around is just more than any other idle game dares to do. It makes me think of Phoenix, and you are left with perverse version of the game and decision to "try again".

  7. came here for the answer to the question, stayed for the cookies in the ad spot. I don't care that they look a bit chunky, they probably tasted pretty good still!

  8. If you dont want to spend lots of time, this game is easily hackable in console.
    Game.cookiesPs = 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999; (you can add much more 9s)
    and there is much more inside the main.js that can be sniffed. enjoy 😀

  9. I remember my class playing this game… They would spend hours on it… Hours!

  10. this reminds me of the Halfbrick Studios' Tank Tactics game and the video you made about it.

    it was a long form turn based game, but people were constantly thinking about it, plotting and scheming about how to maximise efficiency, the only difference being action points vs cookies XD

  11. i have a strong aversion to games where basic leveling and boring upgrades are just a system meant to feel more gamey, as opposed to being a simple tree that gives things different advantages so you can actually see the strategic effects.

    i've not played the Final Fantasy games that originated it, but turn based rpg ones are the worst to me. the best to me is Bloons Tower Defense, and many other tower defense games, and easy to pick up games like Rusted Warfare.

  12. Константин Лактионов says:

    trip always better, although you just can't do proper trip, or trip with boring person.

  13. In the words of the great man, Arnold… "Put dat cookie down!"

  14. Amazing video but that ad read was hilarious lol

  15. I can't help but hear, "idle game" as "idol game" every single time. Though I don't play any, idol games are kinda relevant to my life.

  16. That sassy desktop pic on your other monitor tho

  17. Not gonna lie, I've been also playing this game on and off over the years. Not obsessively or anything but from time to time, every couple of years or so, I give it another go.

  18. Lol i only found out about this 45 days ago I haven't even done one runthrough yet I'mma come back here aftre I've finished cos I'm afraid of spoilers. Even avoiding any discussion of the game cos I want to play through at least once without having read anyones 'strats', like we used to play games in the olden days!!

  19. interesting video, i dont play cookie clicker but i play lots of farming games and i always have at least 50 hours (sometimes up to 200) on each one, despite knowing that they're the same formula over and over with some changes in the gameplay and different graphics (even stardew valey), i always enjoy the process of starting from 0 and getting to endgame where my farm is optimized to 100%

  20. this came out on my birthday. makes sense, i play cookie clicker every day at this point.

  21. How do you get the original cookie clicker

  22. I like that cookie clicker made u contemplate life

  23. "Why have these people been playing Cookie Clicker for SEVEN YEARS?" because humanity degrade.

  24. how do peaople even keep their save that long? it always clears evertiem clear cookies lol the irony and even when dotn it deletes itself ofton. theres cheats or used to be thugh the console.

  25. I keep my PC on 24/7 to seed torrents and along with that I keep Firefox open with a bunch of tabs for random articles and YT vids I wanna watch. I keep Cookie Clicker open in one of those tabs for farts and giggles. Every now and then when I'm extra manic my brain will get short circuited just right that I'd wanna play actively for a bit.

  26. And now it's coming out of steam September 1st!

  27. I've been on my run for 214 days and have 80% of upgrades
    386 idleverses and 260 billion prestige

  28. Didn’t actually watch the video, fell asleep with this on, but the music in the outro was my ringtone in the dream

    That was weird and completely unrelated to the video.

  29. To be honest, this game is really good.
    Can’t blame them for playing it.

  30. "My goals are beyond your understanding."

  31. the fact that this game is a satire on captalism is so funny

  32. I remember when this game came out some of the teachers at my school who used to be chill about phones in class became strictly against it because of how obsessed people were with cookie clicking 😭😭😭 good times

  33. I played it for a couple of years. It ISN'T fun, but it IS addictive, that's the important point. Just like crack, actually.

    After a while of not playing, I got back in, but saw that Orteil had just added yet more gadgets to it. And then that's it, you're never going to get anywhere, and once that really clicks, the appeal drops off to nothing. I pretty much filled out the universe reincarnation thing, got nearly all of them, nearly all the kittens, nearly everything. But then he just adds more. I realise there's never been an "ending" to the game, but you could at least imagine some state where you've exhausted all the options. But that's not possible, poor lad has gone insane and has nothing else to do but shit out yet more onto his awful spaghettis pile of Javascript.

  34. It's about capitalism. And it's absurdly accurate.

    Check out a recent video by Thought Slime on the topic of idle games.

  35. Bold of you to assume that I am PLAYING it. I just put an auto clicker and left it overnight.

  36. that closing quote is totally right – it is all about the satisfaction of progress. I'm like that with all my games, just an endless cycle of progress and optimization, constantly creating new goalposts to reach. There's also the sensation of getting sharp with the game's systems, like learning the ins and outs of the combat system until it's second nature. it's about finding your own playstyle. it's about the feeling of acquiring skills. for me, that's what games are all about

  37. Smh, for the combo at 5:08 he didn’t even sell off a bunch of buildings for the extra Godzamok multiplier. Decidedly suboptimal 😛

    I’ve played a few times, not in the past few years though.

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