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When you import your Cookie clicker save on Steam

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That was alot of achievments. I don’t even have them all unlocked!
One of the most influential games of our generation.
Get it on steam for that sweet music and to support Orteil

or play the web browser version released all those years ago that is identical! (except for the music)


  1. I wish someone buy me as my birthday gift 🎉Did you told your parents or requested them?Yes I requested them so much :(Where is your pocket money that your parents gives you to go to college?Due to covie since 2019 I have no money and there is no chance to get money 🙁

  2. thanks for the video, was wondering if it was actually possible myself!

  3. Strange, I didn't get any. Cant figure out what you did differently upon importing.

  4. Time to triple the amount of steam achievements I've gotten in the past year!

  5. So you can import your web browser save in the steam version?

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