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WAY Harder Cookie Clicker – Mario RPG

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They took some liberties with this sequel, but let’s see if it pays off.

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Game Grumps are:
Arin ►
Danny ►

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  1. 16:20"Nothing happens when I try to attack."
    The Scarecrow status knocks out your regular attack (A) and your items (X). You can still use your special attacks (Y) and your defense options (B). Mallow could have used Thunderbolt that whole time.

    29:30 – You had it. You just needed to use a cookie to get yourself over the line. Boshi is nearly impossible to beat without them, especially on your first time through the game.

  2. I think Dan would thoroughly enjoy Earthbound.

  3. Listening at work and then I hear Dan say, " Oh you won't speak to me… well what if I steal your children?" and I literally lost it. Thanks for the laugh gents!

  4. "so you brought the cookies"
    Once again "why does everything sound like drugs!"

  5. I don't really care either way, but Arin's subdivision seems to trend more toward dotted eight-sixteen than eight–eight. Regardless, it's probably easier with a CRT (I haven't tried in 20 years, idk)

  6. Me on Episode 1: "Man, I hope people don't give them a hard time while they're playing this, just let them enjoy it!"

  7. For level up bonuses, just check them all and choose the one that increase stats by more than 1 point.

  8. i love that youtube picked up the game as cookie clicker

  9. They… have to be doing this on purpose.. right? Not once talking to the Weapon/Armor Shopkeeper in the shops, when they talk to LITERALLY EVERYONE ELSE

  10. I got excited when Arin referenced IT Crowd. I lost my mind when he referenced Garth Marenghis Dark Place. Truly amazing and barely known

  11. Okay, these two know nothing about cookies (as in a small piece of data a website stores on your computer).

  12. i LOVE MALLOW .. how can you not love this little marshmallow boy

  13. For the love of your god! Use the Flower Jars and Tabs in your inventory!

    Love you guys, thanks for playing one of my childhood games that I love.

  14. Arin saying non stop "one two one two" while dan was racing sure was very biting and intriguing commentary.

  15. “Oh yeah you’re a plumber so I guess you’re kinda like a mole.”
    Gonna be thinking about that one for a long time.

  16. It’s funny how the always talk about the IT crowd yet always forget it

  17. As great as this game is I think there’s a good reason we never really saw top down isometric platforming games become a thing. It’s not exactly the best angle for judging space and distance.

  18. Aaaand they didn't talk to the kid to get Geno's first weapon. Kinda figured, but thought they might be like "Hey, wanna to show the kid's mom that Geno is real?"

  19. "keep a tight beat"
    "Arin you wanna take this?"
    Dan you're a bassist

  20. Whoever came up with the controls for Yoshi racing in this game is an idiot.

  21. All these Shi's yet not the one that mattered the most… "Legoshi…"

  22. Eh, don't worry Grumps. You're far from the first to be thwarted by Boshi, and you sure as heck won't be the last.

  23. How are these two both bad at pushing buttons AND rhythm lol

  24. I think Arin bringing up my favorite episode of IT Crowd is the highlight of my year. If you haven't watched it..please do. It's on Netflix and the episode is titled "Work Outing".

  25. “Call me Geno, after the doll…!

    Uh, after the strongest doll, otherwise it might be embarrassing!”

  26. His terrible battle strategies really annoy the hell out of me lol. That and the fact that he doesn't talk to everyone and misses out on buying extra stuff, in addition to not equipping new weapons (noc noc shell)

  27. The race is really easy. Push the buttons on the drum beat. Super easy, barely an inconvenience.

  28. Using the hammer and two unarmed friends all game is going to go well

  29. I just noticed sum’n weird

    So Boshi got his name cause he’s a blue yoshi
    I’ve also heard people call red ones Roshi, Purple or Pink ones Poshi, but the thing is, the original is named Yoshi… but he’s green, not yellow

  30. God, why doesn't any other game use the Earthbound/Mother method of letting you auto-win against super weak enemies? That's fantastic.

  31. Please make a Captain Push-buttons-fast shirt

  32. @gamegrumps Arin, be careful referencing the IT Crowd, it was made and written by notorious transphobic piece of shit (And bad enough to the point his wife left him over it) Graham Linehan.

  33. Annoying fact about playing SMRPG on an emulator, its almost impossible to properly beat the Boshi race due to the inaccuracies in most SNES emulators(the frames syncing up with the sound output). It sucks because it's imperceptible to any human, but it manifests as rage because you're doing it right but still losing. If there was one out there that was going to work, it would be BSNES as it was 100% cycle accurate. But who knows what core they are using in RetroArch (which is what I'm guessing they're using), probably snes9x or something.

  34. In their defense, I was LITERALLY one of the top 50 DDR players in the world, and the timing you have to have on the Yoshi Race is fucking ridiculous. You can't be off by even a little bit. It's not impossible obviously but the amount of focus it took to even just do decently at it was exhausting. The inherent squishiness of controller buttons doesn't help either, they're not exactly built for precision rhythming.

  35. Dan shouting 'COOKIE!" is exactly what I needed to get me through my day 😀

  36. I would love to see skies of arcadia and have Arin complain nonstop about my favorite game.

  37. Arin probably doesn't want to say "zooted" because where I'm from that word isn't used to describe getting baked

  38. 25:13 haha, i got mentioned

    …look okay i know it say foshling but i swear its normally foshi

  39. Arin's deadpan narrative voice blowing all of Dan's synapses is one of the few joys we'll have in this life.

  40. just shit on it arin, its a horrible game and your right to think so

  41. i'm pretty sure i failed just as many races as a kid so the experience and frustration was accurate

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