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[Vinesauce] Vinny – Cookie Clicker: Super Mario Edition

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From our Mario Bros. level design contest. Level created by ChaosAurion. Footage taken from my live play through on

Want to play this level or other levels from our contest? Go here:

For the record, this was the first time I ever played this level. Also, this was the second place winner, there were better levels, but this was the only one with cookies in it so video. Seriously, check out the other levels too, they’re amazing.

For those that have no idea what this is go here:


  1. HOLD UP. After revisiting this video a year or two later, IS THAT THE SOUTH ISLAND THEME FROM SONIC OVA IN THE LAST 2 COOKIE MAKER AREAS?!

  2. She just wanted to bake cookies for her children

  3. Everyone at my school plays this and it’s actually becoming a distraction because since everyone is playing it a lot of people can get their game reset by the teachers. So my advice is to everyone is. Moist Cookies

  4. Army of Mario's made, quite possibly the most craptacular night of my life turn into pure bliss 😂🤣😂🤣

  5. drunken italian bakin and drinkin until his pinky hurtin

  6. Somebody give link to that episode for smbx!


  8. How did he make a Mario explosion? I can't find out how to do it.

  9. The forum is down, so I can’t download the levels. Any idea when it’ll be back up?

  10. jamie i need the cookie. please. im loosing power jamie.

  11. A L L S H A L L R E T U R N T O C O O K I E

  12. JAMIE… i'm losing power JAMIE… give me the cookie JAMIE… now

  13. This is the first Vinesauce video I've ever watched

  14. Ahh classic Vinesauce, vintage, aged like a fine wine

  15. "I did it, I have created the perfect Mario army!"
    "What did it cost?"


  16. Why is no one talking about how this video has "free" under it?

  17. Mario Maker will forever be inferior to Super Mario Bros. X for this reason alone

  18. I haven't watched this video for years. Its so funny haha

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