US Presidents Play Cookie Clicker -

US Presidents Play Cookie Clicker

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Trump, Biden and Obama play a game about clicking cookies, however Joe gets too addicted to cookie clicker and forgets that he’s president. Obama and Trump must find a way to get him off the White House Laptop and delete his save file to stop his addiction.


  1. Biden got a lot of nerve when he’s the one who created our economic crisis

  2. 3rd lol
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    Please could I have a shoutout

  3. "It makes Chernobyl smell refreshing in comparison" 🤣🤣

  4. Mobile games have gone down hill over the years. Where have the good I'm go? Funny video though😂

  5. this game helped me survive the end of middleschool

  6. Wait when tf did they add stocks to cookie clicker?

  7. I play the phone version and I taped 20 styluses together. It hits about 35 clicks per second just holding it on the phone

  8. bruuuhhhh Biden addicted to cookie clicker.

  9. "and also please buy me a new laptop" I'm gonna fucking shit that is hilarious

  10. "At least I have morals by dronestriking kids instead of being a paedophile" – best joke to come out of any of these videos. 🤣

  11. "Oh God Joe, you smell so nasty, you make Chernobyl smell refreshing!"

    Bruh, I'm crying! 👌🤣😂

  12. If You Wanted Dev Tools Change Your User To "dave sasopensesame" then infinate cookies

  13. Found your custom mods, will give you a shout out on my livestreams! Keep up the good work and thank you!

  14. You shall die from the cookie go

  15. Are we gonna address that Biden had on CoCo Melon diapers? 😭

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