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Upgrading To Max Level Everything

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Upgrading To Max Level Everything

I messed around and earned 10 billion cookies. Now it’s time to spend them. I want to upgrade everything to max level so I can make even more cookies. It’s a vicious cycle. Carpal tunnel not included.

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  1. You really should red the news on top of the screen DF, because there's some crazy stuff going on in that game

  2. First time I watch the video and I'm seeing the sugar going ONGKLDFNHGMDFGKMNBKJLN

  3. Want a good advice from comments at least once in your lifetime DF? Finish the game

  4. Just buy the upgrades when you get them! They’re such an eyesore.

  5. my heart died when he missed the golden cookie, after his pointer went over it

  6. if this was real life, this would probably cause deflation which isn’t cool

  7. “Upgrading to max level everything”

    Me with a maxed ascension tree a few trillion heavenly chips and a few quindecellion or something cookies

    X to doubt

  8. Please do more phone games bc I like doing phone vids on the games you play. For my YouTube channel

  9. I watch this guy suck at every game he plays and laugh, but now that he's on my home turf I cant just let him play so bad.|
    These buildings make NUMBERS, and you can READ the NUMBERS.
    Then you use the BRAIN to make GOOD NUMBERS into BETTER.
    Also DON'T make BAD NUMBERS.

  10. why are do the stocks resemble real stocks so much

  11. I’ve played cookie clicker for 48 days and I’ve made 14 quintillion cookies ever

    Ohh yeah I also have 262 heavenly chips but ur probably not as nerdy as me to understand what that is

  12. Is the steam version of cookie clicker worth it or any better than the website

  13. Wonder when he'll realise that he's just buying more buildings not levelling them up

  14. Never underestimate the cats

  15. I have 3 million so far, I left the clicker on while I was at school.

  16. I was internally screaming at the scream saying he should buy the farm, and factory upgrades.

  17. I can't find anyone else who mentioned it, but the joke about trickle down economics at 7:33 was so good

  18. did you know on cookie clicker if you make your name “sayopenseasame” u can get hacks that makes a button appear at the bottom left of your name

  19. I cant… he just ascended with 1 prestige level…..

  20. I was in the tredecillions and then I just restarted for a reason

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