*UPDATED* How to hack cookie clicker FAST 2021!!!!! - playegndary.com

*UPDATED* How to hack cookie clicker FAST 2021!!!!!

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  1. this is how to get infinite cookies(1) press shift ctrl i(2) go to consle(3) type the following: Game.cookies=Infinity(4) well there is no number 4 number 4 is you reading this comment ;-]

  2. what does your name need to be
    its not working for summ reason

  3. You have to name yourself Noah saysopensesame

  4. Is there any way to go back to before you did the RuinTheFun thing?

  5. Short answer is name ur bakery name marcosaysopensesame for dev tools

  6. If you didn't know, it's on Steam now, you should do another video. :O!

  7. That’s fake it won’t work and also I saw the cheat thing before he typed it

  8. Thanks cus for that I now got 9879 quintillion cookies

  9. this is fake but that is how to get infinite cookies

  10. Thanks It really helped now I can get higher cookies in cookie clicker

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