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UPDATED Cookie Clicker Stock Tracker Spreadsheet (and how to make your own copy)

Jacob Mills
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Copy the sheet from here:

For the old how-to video with a few more details on the sheet, go here:

00:00 Intro
00:17 Basic how-to & what’s new
01:38 How to make your own copy
05:32 Quick tour of the whole sheet

For a 37 minute long deep-dive into the original sheet, go here:


  1. Any chance for a update? The new game update broke the spreadsheet.

  2. Any chance for an update on this spreadsheet? As they made changes to stock trader and added a new building.

  3. Hello i just made a Copie of the spreadsheet but i can not wipe the data, it allways give me a 400 error (bad request). Any ideas how to fix that?

  4. Hi, the sheet keeps saying #DIV/0! for new PBL average no matter what i do. The only numbers in that column are the Resting Value numbers. And my max stocks are getting below my current stock when i sell buildings. E.g. I have 700 VNL then selling 100 Shipments so max stock goes to 600 but ingame it stays at 700. Any solutions?Edit: This only happens after Data Wipe or deleting your Data manually.2nd Edit: The stock thingi keeps happening, but its only a small issue that has almost no effect. Just the color of the advice disappears and it always says Buy i think.

  5. Hi! I've been tinkering with the 2.048 version of the spreadsheets and some max stocks stats don't match with my game data. Have peeked around and i see that the Office level is 1 less than what I have (the spreadsheet says my office is level 5 when it's level 6). Don't know if that's intended or maybe could help fix the bugs. Nevertheless, great and fast job updating the sheet with the new version, keep it up 💪

  6. Wipe data didn't seem to get rid of your old data on the charts page, is that normal?

  7. This is amazing… I don't understand any of it, haha. Thank you so much!

  8. (It is safe) ITS A VIRUS DONT USE (A comment on the wrong video! Silly me, it is safe) Edit: YouTube is weird. I didn't mean to comment on this video! The spreadsheet is amazing! it works so well!

  9. This is so great, thanks!! Quick question: should I wipe data in between ascensions? Or will my old data still be informative?

  10. For some reason it's still saying "Sell!" for most of the things that I have 0 stock on… any reason for this?

  11. I just added one data set twice into the calculation accidentally. Is it possible to erase one matrix row in the "data"-sheet? Thank you!

  12. The first time that I imported my save I get the following value Error in all of the boxes that are supposed to do the calculations. "Function LEFT parameter 2 value is negative. It should be positive or zero." Am I doing something wrong or do I need to input data over a period of days for this to go away?

  13. Not sure what I’m doing wrong but everytime I paste my save it just keeps giving the same values

  14. Wow this looks awesome! I will try using this. One question: If I upgrade my stock offices do they carry over ascensions?

  15. This is really impressive and useful, thank you. Now to fiddle with it for my own tastes 😀

  16. thank you for this! it's really helpfuk

  17. Could you briefly touch on the High/Low Percentile Threshold settings and Threshold Averages vs Values settings? I think I more or less get it but I could be misunderstanding.

  18. When I pasted my save and then pressing add data, all the values changed to the word Value

  19. Спасибо за проделанную работу

  20. If you didn't know, it's on Steam now, you should do another video. :O!

  21. Hi just a couple of questions.
    Do average stock values for different players vary enough to make gathering data for your own game worth it? Or should i just use the data already in your sheet?
    If I do go through the trouble of getting data, will it stay accurate through ascensions?

  22. thank you so much now i can finally make some money in this minigame

  23. Hi, good program but everytime i go to paste my save, it says unable to load file and resets. Im not sure if ive done anything wrong, ive downloaded my own copy of the program. Any help would be great thanks!

  24. Hi, I think i'm doing all the steps in the correct way and I'm still not able to get anything else than ERROR in almost all the value slots in the stats tab. any advice?

  25. Jesus, dude this is insanity!

  26. Jesus, the amount of work you must have put into this must have been insane. I'm looking forward to seeing this help me rake in the profits.

  27. When I ascend, Do I have to erase my data or can I keep in it there.

  28. Im sure I speak on the behalf of everyone in this comment section and of the view count when I say: I thank you for your generosity of taking the time to make this in the first place, as well as having the thought of making it public for others to use and benefit from as well. Not all heroes wear caps

  29. thanks alot the spreadsheet first of all!
    but sadly it doesnt work for me at all 😀
    i imported data for the past 9 days and it just shows me #NUM! and #DIV/0 errors in the stats page? do you know what the reason for this could be?

  30. Should I export any time everyday? (Today in the morning, Tomorrow in the evening, The day after in the afternoon)

    Do I need to leave the game on at some point for it to work? or I could export the same data?

  31. First of all, this is a great tool.

    I have some questions:

    You said that the best way to input data is once or twice a day. I am actually an active player, so I only play Cookie Clicker a few hours, no idle play. So, since the stock market minigame does not work offline, my data would not change too drastically.

    Do you think my data would be reliable? Do I need to input data less often, like every 24 in-game hours?

  32. is there a way to automatically copy the raw save data to sheet 5 column T when add data is clicked?

  33. spreadsheets will never cease to amaze me. Great job on this!

  34. Can I update it every time I want to buy/sell? And would it still be reliable? im sayin like 4 times one day, 6 the other, 3 the other and so on, or should I be stable? Like one at 8Am and another 8 Pm

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