TRIPLE FRENZY, 6 YEARS WORTH OF COOKIES (x7x777x1111) - Cookie Clicker -

TRIPLE FRENZY, 6 YEARS WORTH OF COOKIES (x7x777x1111) – Cookie Clicker

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Triple Frenzy Combo making (roughly) around 6 years worth of CpS.

As shown later on in the video, the Rainbow Kitten costs 1 day of produce, WITH a frenzy on. So that makes 7 days normally, then it’s a matter of deviding the amount of cookies in the bank after the triple combo by the amount the kitten costs, hence the 6 years. (227 quattuordecillion ÷ 700 tredecillion = 324 days x 7 = 2270 days). (I did the math afterwards, I think it checks out but correct me if I’m wrong!)

Still going for the quadruple frenzy, as well as the quintuple frenzy, which should be possible, since one of the ascension upgrades gives you a 1% chance of a golden cookie appearing being doubled. Hell, I guess even a sextuple frenzy might be possible, but unfortunately, the % chance to get that is way lower.


  1. I want to see Dragon Harvest, Dragonflight, Elder Frenzy, Click Frenzy, Frenzy, Godzamok, Building Specials, boosts from garden, and Sugar Frenzy at once

  2. Why do you only have 38 wizard towers? You do realize that you can summon 4 golden cookies using big brain strats if you have 100 mana right.

  3. I can hear how long he has been waiting for this moment in his voice

  4. you can use grandmapocalyapse wrath cookies to get an elder frenzy (x666 cps for 12 seconds) and with 440 wizard towers and max magic you can use fthof sell most of the wizard towers to decrease the cost and use fthof again

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