The Ultimate Sugar Lump Guide in Cookie Clicker -

The Ultimate Sugar Lump Guide in Cookie Clicker

Aza Nice
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In this video, I will show you various methods to get suagr lumps faster and even get the legendary Golden Sugar Lump in Cookie Clicker

Sugar lump scum idea from:
Mouse cursor:


  1. 10:48 If you export a ton of saves and import them afterwards, even if the lump falls naturally before you import the save, it will still reward the achievement if it would have been a golden sugar lump regardless of how long you wait to import the save. You can even import the save multiple times to get the full 7 lump benefit. Hope this makes it less stressful 🙂

  2. hey uh i hatched 2 sugar lumps and didn't get any sugar lumps for it (no i did not let them rot or something)

  3. Quick question, do you have to check each individual export save? If not, somebody please help me!

  4. I think I got to Golden sugar lumps in a row

  5. refreshing the game truely is a skill within itself, isnt it?

  6. I remember save scumming this and making the same mistake so many times! Muscle memory is painful.

  7. does the refresh mod disable steam achievements?

  8. Sorry for the dumb question, but what is the shortcut to referesh?

  9. Great video Aza! You never disappoint, one small funny thing I'd like to share however is that I don't have the best relationship with the golden sugar lump.

    About two months ago, something crazy happened, believe it or not, as crazy as this sounds, it took me 2000 exports using the method with the spreadsheets to actually get a golden sugar lump, most of the times when I used this save scumming method, i would do about 100-200 saves, but one day after making like 900 exports and still not getting the golden sugar lump, I decided to bite the bullet and go crazy as I opened a new spreadsheet and did 1075 exports which might sound impossible but what I did, is that I used all of the four hours of the sugar lump being mature/ripe/etc and I was being really fast making new saves with different outcomes, then, once the sugar lump was a few seconds away from falling, I sold my grandmas which made me gain one extra hour of clicking and exporting my save thanks to the heavenly upgrade that makes it so your number of grandmas (capped to 600) makes sugar lumps ripen 6 seconds faster, meaning that if you sell them, you have more time to click the sugar lumps to add up some saves.
    Once that's finished, I wake up tomorrow morning, feeling really excited, and to my horror, none of the thousand saves that I created had a golden sugar lump in it… I was devastated because that meant that the 2000 or so export saves I've done in total only resulted in many caramelized sugar lumps but still, no golden.

    However, this story has a good ending, because after that, I decided to again try to go for a special kind of sugar lump and this time I actually only did 75 exports and was hoping to get just a caramelized lump , and to my surprise, the golden sugar lump actually showed up! And something even more mind blowing happens next because 2 days after that, I came back from school, only to open Cookie Clicker and play the garden a bit with no expectations in mind and what do I see, another GOLDEN sugar lump that I didn't save scum in the slightest, there were 0 exports done to that golden sugar lump which was insane. And then something even more shocking approaches as like a week or so later, I only do 11 exports with a meaty sugar lump (meaning that I had to keep reloading until I got the desired number of sugar lumps harvested to then paste the save) and all I was looking for was a bifurcated sugar lump or something like that, and out of those 11, the 6th one was also a golden sugar lump… Fr my luck with the golden sugar lump started as a chore that was complete balderdash and ended up having a Disney movie type of end where everyone becomes happy.

    Now to anyone that took the time to actually read this essay, thank you very much, I truly appreciate you and also to anyone that doesn't believe me, I still have those spreadsheets and all the screenshots so if anyone is interested of actually seeing this in reality, feel free to say it I could send them over discord or something.

  10. sugar lump savescumming looks insane, but I'm gonna do it when my sugar lump grind begins

  11. yeeeah i think i'll just wait a few years thanks i've already got the golden sugar lump from pure rng so i don't really need to do this

    good guide though

  12. I started playing this game in 2016. Came back to the game after i stumbled on my old save file with 2000 sugar lumps- didn’t realize how awesome that was. Every update I just level the new building to 15 and generally never go below 300. Still never got a golden though awesome strat

  13. whats the hotkey for steam's cookie clicker refresh?

  14. That golden lump strategy is insane. I’m gonna do that once I finish the garden off.

  15. My luck has been pretty good in cookie clicker. I’ve gotten 2 golden lumps and two shiny wrinklers without any strategies, just pure rng. And out of those lumps and wrinklers, I got a shiny and a golden in the span of about one week. They were all last year too.

  16. If an addon doesn't feel like cheating to you, cookie monster tells you what kind of lump you have immediately. The export/import step just becomes refreshing/checking, and that way you can do the garden strat at the same time

  17. do you use any mods? if yes, could you list them? tysm for all your content

  18. pop off aza i’ve always meant to ask why ur on cookie clicker a lot LOL

  19. this guide goes well with your sever horseshoes guide since now you can stack up on 10% more golden cookies for 24 hours

  20. Didn’t know if you knew this or not but if you name your self orteil you get the god complex shadow achievement

  21. I found a new strategy (even though it isn't worth it due to the low chances)

    With the heavenly upgrade "Distilled essence of redoubled luck" there is a 1% of getting 2 natural golden cookies at the same time. If one is a frenzy and the other is a building special, you can wait for an extra (natural) building special/elder frenzy. Then, you can use the grimoire to cast 3 building specials and a click frenzy. With a full garden of whiskerblooms, you would get an insane amount of cookies.

  22. I got 2 golden lumps in 65 days, what are the odds of that?

  23. theoretically for an active player, using dragon orb would be more effective than using reality bending would it not? I feel like you could get the rare sugar lump golden cookie reward much quicker than what 10% of what dragon curve gets you.

  24. Are the sugar lump type decided in the moment of the previous one being manually collected?

  25. i spent 26 minutes of my life clicking a button to get a couple virtual green pixels
    Well, off to do that 2 more times!

  26. funny thing, i accidentally got a glump on my 10th day of playing (yesterday)

  27. I somehow got a golden sugar lump under 60ish lumps harvested or so

  28. Managed to get a little over 900 saves to look for golden sugar lumps in, exactly 500th had the golden 😀

  29. Idk know if aza said this or if someone in the comments already has but be warned that when doing the golden lump strat you technically can’t get any progress in the next like 18 hours cuz when you get a golden lump or idk a Carmel one you will end up reverting back to where you were when you got all the saves so I recommend doing this late game when everything is slowing down or just don’t play for a day and go touch grass

  30. So in order to get it you need to finish the game? And when you reply don’t say “watch the video” just explain me how to get 1

  31. 1:34 that’s an hour… how is an hour not that much of an effect

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