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This has been requested a lot, so we’re jumping back into cookie clicker, and this time we’re doing our third ascension.

Please suggest future topics for this tutorial series. Flavorful suggestions for milk types and bakery names are also appreciated.

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  1. Game.Win('Cheated cookies taste awful');

  2. This is really old, but at the start of a new ascension you can literally spam click everything and the money flows in so quickly. No need to be so deliberate on what you buy. Just get those cookies coming in and you very quickly get back to where you were before the last ascension.

  3. Waiting was worth it keep the series up good content

  4. Trickster-Trump's Tremendous Trespassing Tricks says:

    It's back!

  5. actually, to get the cheating achievement, you dont have to do any code except putting sayopensesame to the end of the bakery name, then taking it away and refreshing, then you have it

  6. Thank you very much guys 😀 Great Walkthrough-Series! I really like the informative and passionate way you are talking about the content : )
    You helped me a lot!

  7. damn fellas only 147 subs with me thats 148, love the content im a cookie clicker addict and for the future i will know where to come back in this detailed guide when i need something
    much love <3

  8. To me, it seems like two guys high on life (or weed, but recreational use of cannabis is legal, so nobody should shame them if they are) playing some game that has a way of pulling you in for days at a time. But it entertains the masses, so they deliver. This is a great series, so please do continue. I'm gonna stay on the trashboat for a long time. Keep cool, you two.

  9. I know this video is old, but what is the exact number of heavenly chips needed for this ascension?

  10. Hey guys, love the content!
    I have a question, how many chips for the next ascension?

  11. will you be making a 4th ascension video? 🙂 Also, what would you recommend for the 3rd permanent upgrade slot? I already have -tillion fingers in 1, and kitten upgrade in 2!

  12. When should I ascend the first time?? I have 1 billion a second and 4 heavenly chips

  13. Loving this series, guys. Unfortunately, seems like the price of the synergies upgrade has skyrocketed since this video was made (its now 222,222). Should I wait to ascend until I have enough, or save it for a subsequent ascension (I've currently got a little over 40K in chips, and I have Perfect Idling active if that makes a difference)?

  14. can i be in one of your videos im really good at cookie clickers

  15. There’s not too much I can do in cookie clicker any more… I have 88% of the achievements, I have only 3 hevently uprgrades left to buy and I can’t afford them… I baked 21 tredecillion cookies…

  16. Very good walkthrough still to this day! Except the ascension tree has changed, so you're no longer able to follow you guys completely, but still very good!

  17. This costs 222,222 chips. Why is it 2,525 for you?

  18. You guys should do an updated ascension guide

  19. Im trying to get the 3rd accension, but Im not even past easter and I already have 41,000 legacy points for my accension, so

  20. Any tips on the forth ascention(amount of prestige levels?

  21. Hello, me again, ascending for the second time in a single day. The synergies volume 1 upgrade is ridiculously expensive in the current update, so dont plan on getting it this ascension, I would go for the permanent upgrade slot 3 instead 😁

  22. Do you have the 4th ascension? Bc I'm loving this (I'm only on my 1st ascension) but I still enjoy watching 😀👍

  23. 400,000,000 heavenly chips now….. I have gotten so far

  24. as of 2021 the permanent upgrade slot 2 costs 20,000 chips, synergies vol 1 cost 222,222 chips so you will need to save up alot more or just go for something else

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