The Terraria Cookie Clicker Mod is Insane... -

The Terraria Cookie Clicker Mod is Insane…

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Clicking cookies in Terraria.

Let me know if there are any other niche mods out there that could make for an interesting video because I would love to cover them here on the channel! Be sure to subscribe to the channel so you don’t miss more of these videos!

►Search for “The Clicker Class” in the in-game mod browser if you want to give this mod a try for yourself.

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  1. Happy days would probably like this mod

  2. Click the enemy for damage
    Me: Downloads Auto Clicker

  3. i got 17 cps drag clicking and the website didnt accept it

  4. Gungnir: it isnt that op
    Also gungnir: does 21 k dps on moonlord

  5. what about it makes it cookie clicker it is nothing like cookie clicker dude

  6. I feel like this mode is good for Aim training if you don't use auto clicker

  7. Him: "15.99… HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?!?!?!"

    Teddynator: "Am I a joke to you?"

  8. Why is there pumpkin moon music in the frost moon

  9. I get about 14-15 CPS … and also did a reaction time test and got 50ms ( 0.05 second reaction time )

  10. Hehe you should ask DF(Dangerouslyfunny) about clicker games

  11. 9 cps is above average. 6 cps is prolly average. Maybe 7 or 8 because of outliers (almost everyone can click 5-6 cps, but the few that can click like 19 cps raise the average)

  12. Us Osu! Mouse-only players finally have a class?! HELL YEA

  13. Me who can click 40 times per second:

  14. 5:40 “Everything has become cookies, down to the molecular scale”

  15. Imagine your trigger finger after playing through woth just the clickers

  16. y’know us minecrafters:
    proceeds to drag click +25cps

  17. “9 cps is pretty bad” well what does that make me who can only get 6.4 cps

  18. me while thinking about autoclickers: akward laughing

  19. 9 cps is on the slower end? I'm a snail then, my cps is a solid 6.

  20. You should do a playthrough with this modded class, would be pretty funny to see

  21. me who clicks at 6cps: ;-; uhh yeah ima just… use this door…

  22. He needs the tool edit mod and change the use time

  23. Mod: click me

    Geometry dash player: finally, my time has come

  24. They capped the speed so omniswing doesn't work anymore, rip

  25. This mod should be called carpal tunnel simulator

  26. The accessories are awesome and add a ton to the clickers

  27. Sup do you guys know how can I get the dice and the led

  28. is not cookie clicker is clicker class ;-;

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