The Tales of Grayfruit in Cookie Clicker -

The Tales of Grayfruit in Cookie Clicker

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A journey of toil and trouble,
cookies and crumble,
Our host a fruit
of most grayest colour.

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grayfruit’s YouTube:
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music used:
Undertale OST – sans.
Dark Souls OST – Gwynevere, Princess of Sunlight
Spelunky HD OST – Black Market
Earthbound OST – Your Name, Please
Mozart – Lacrimosa
Mother 3 OST – Forest of Flames
Kirby’s Dream Land 3 OST – Sand Canyon
Retro Remix Revue – Gnat Attack Level 1 Remix
Omori OST – Orchard
Mother 4 OST – Battle Against a Clueless Foe


  1. Maybe next time go more than… half a second without zooming the screen in? I get that it's fucking cookie clicker but come on.

  2. absolutely in love with this video

  3. Gnat attack started playing and i popped the fuck off. Cookie clicker and Mario paint, i swear ive spent probably 8 years of my life playing those two games

  4. Lord knows Fruit needs that Carpal Tunnel Prevention Cream after that Mario Bros speedrun

    Also, paperclip sim is a great idle game too

  5. a new fan edit?

    yeah, sure, ill bite.
    edit: great editing, but oh man, just way too much zooming in and out. feels like I'm gonna have an epileptic seizure watching this, and I'm not even epileptic.

  6. Great edit! I know this was likely an experiment, but keep up the good work.

  7. I consider Cookie Clicker an amazing allegory to the dangers of capitalism. When your only policy is growth, when do you stop? When you own 1000 grandmas? Or when you make cookies from antimatter itself? Destroy the universe for just a few more cookies. Destroy the world, for just a few more buckets of oil.
    Is it on the nose? Maybe. But it’s still a good allegory.

    As a kid, me and my friends would click non-stop for a high score. Because we were restricted in our game choices. But it was fun, I don’t regret it. ,

  8. This stream was great, I wish we had more of grayfruit just joking and messing around, without the need to have a gameplay as the main focus

  9. Great edit but I have a slight criticism to make:
    The music sometimes is way too loud and it makes listening to grayfruit kinda more difficult than it should.

    Basically the music volume should be on a lower level than him and not on a similar level.

    Also moving the focus on the screen to emphasize some sentences is nice and funny sometimes, but this video feels like it's changing the focus every sentence and that feels kinda disorienting.

    Everything else is great tho. Good job 🙂

  10. Feels like im watching a mans slow decent into insanity.

  11. Got this video recommended and loved it. Great voice, fun conversation, nice editing. I wanna see more!

  12. Absolute perfection reminds me of gamegrumps edits. You could legit help gray get into mainstream.

  13. This is some high grade premium shit got damn

  14. That screen zooming and shaking is nauseating.

  15. beat part is all of this gorgousness happens while autoclicking

  16. great video but you really don't have to zoom in and out the camera every 2 seconds

  17. The constant camera tilts and zooms are unnecessary. By constantly using them, it turns from emphasizing certain phrases and events to just random fidgeting. Less is more.

  18. Thank you so much, dearly!
    I love grayfruit, but i dont like watching vods very much.
    And he doesnt upload often, and some of the videos just end up in twitch scraps.
    People like you are the greatest, thank you!

  19. This edit is so good, the only thing I can say for some criticism is that the music kinda drowns Jacobs voice at some points. But the music choices are so perfect for his ramblings. Nice work 👍

  20. This is a good Edit, I would gladly watch more of this

    Edit: I've got nothin' to complain about 🙂

  21. Wouldn't have watched the stream if not for this highlight, so thank you man !
    P.S.: Great choice in music, but I think it's just a tad bit too loud 🙂

  22. Amazing edit for this one, filled with fantastic music choices, funny edited bits, and a true Fruit experience. Though if I could give some criticism I think that screen changing can be fun in moderation, but the constant changing make it a bit hard to focus. Either way I was thoughrouly engaged and loved the whole thing, can't wait to see more of our stuff.

  23. AYY YOU DID IT. This was a treat, much like a cookie. Goes in the playlist to be enjoyed over and over again. And POG gray talks about Oney Plays

  24. if this was the mineplex forums in 2015 i would give this post a potato

  25. This is editing and effort worth far more than 60 subs

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