The Missing Cookie Illusion -

The Missing Cookie Illusion

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  1. To save $20, how much does this hunk of silicone cost 😅

  2. My dumbass thought it was a GD icon for a second.

  3. Man, bro my dad was buying your stuff all the time

  4. The nerdiiest thing I have seen in YEARS

  5. Instructions unclear: I left the tiny, center cookie and took the four, larger ones. Now people will know!

  6. The cookie looks like the food made out of the star cookie back when i was 6 i miss it

  7. How the fuck is that possible. It's not the same amount but it is?

  8. I see the worst flag in history when you took out the tiny cookie… Ur cool btw

  9. The cookie without the middle:
    In life, you have RoadBlocks

  10. Ppl who thought when he took One cookie it looks like Roblox

  11. Well done you. Clever business idea's are always the best

  12. When I saw the Title of video, I was expecting theexact voice 😅

  13. You can see the missing flesh around the cookie. It’s a smaller square

  14. The way it works is that the area between the edges of the cookie and the square in both instances are slightly different, enough to compensate for the missing cookie.

  15. It's not magic or math, you clearly have the top furthest most cookies over the line.

  16. Dont tell me people actually dont know how this works😭

  17. Yes, teach your kids to put their hands all over the rest of the cookies when they eat one.

  18. And this is exactly how we get burned in the grocery store.

  19. I watched a video about this. From my understanding, the cookies may appear to fill the whole square, but an area of space too slim for our eyes to see adds up to the missing piece. So basically it’s like filling up as much space as you can, while trying to spread out the missing area of the object. The video used Alice in Wonderland as an example, where the Queen of Hearts captured Alice, and would let her go on one account. If she could explain the following phenomenon. There was a 55 area square on the ground, and the queen states that 54 can also fill in the square. Her husband disagrees and points out that 54 is not the same as 55 and therefore cannot account for the same amount of space. The queen then calls in four shapes of different areas, and orders them to fill in the square. All the areas add up to 55, so they fill in the square. A new set of shapes comes in, and also fill in the square. However, the areas only add up to 54. Alice is confused, and drinks a potion to shrink her size. She wanders over the square and discovers a tiny sliver stretching from corner to corner in between the shapes. The sliver is what’s supposed to account for the missing 1. So I guess the moral of the story is to always trust mathematical thinking, instead of what our own eyes might tell us or something.

  20. That ain't math,magic or psychology,thats the windows logo💀

  21. “where did the middle piece go?” 💀

  22. This was in a Nancy Drew game. The outer edge containing all the cookies gets smaller. It's only an illusion here because the cookies are fit together roughly.

  23. Now you just made the windows logo without color no computer and edible

  24. Others: seeing a square
    Me:seeing the roblox logo


  26. Normal people: It is a square!
    Roblox kids: It’s Roblox Studio!!!
    Gamers: It’s windows!

  27. I would remember it based on how many, not the shape

  28. every time you do this the cookie will get smaller and smaller till theres no more cookie left

  29. That tiny cookie piece can come in handy as a quality taste test for bakers

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