The Meaning of Life explained with Cookie Clicker -

The Meaning of Life explained with Cookie Clicker

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when I was an edgy teen I thought the meaning of life was to make life easier for future generations, so I explained that using cookies



  1. I am still confused about the grandmapocolispe

  2. What the actual fuck is that math, 22 million seconds in a lifetime? Thats less than a year

  3. the number of seconds is actually more like 3 billion if you calculate it

  4. Grandmas get mad because they are not needed as much but those children from basement who were clicking cookie all day long don't! Really good represantion of life.

  5. The best way to not experience pain is to not be born

  6. You know that 22,075,000 seconds is less than a year right? The average person lives for about 2.27 billion seconds.

  7. Once the grandmapocalypse happens the things that appear are not demons

  8. You can infinity if you wanna know how I'll tell you. You just need to reply(pc only)

  9. 22mil seconds? Who be dead at 8 months of age?

  10. I did the math there's 31 million seconds in a year lol

  11. It seems that this is just the way the cookie crumbles

  12. Dude 22 Million seconds is like under a year tf

  13. my parents hated me even more and called me liquid gnome

  14. I am gonna dislike this. Watching at 2 am. Makes me wanna throw myself off the balcony.

  15. where can I download cookie clicker?

  16. legit, i was just watching an alt shift x vid, and then i clicked on this, and watched it through fully without realising it wasnt a alt shift x vid. BRUH

  17. I have seen documentaries, but Dragoon made the best one I've heard

  18. Nobody's gonna ttalk about the self inflicted spatula wound?

  19. Congratulations everyone! Your entire life is less than a year long! Found in the beginning of the video!

  20. This man …no this god has the answers to everything in the universe, and yet chooses to be a amazing YouTube and share the secrets through his content

  21. This is better than the educational school videos that I watched

  22. 2,492,985,600 or nearly 2.5 billion is the amount of seconds in the average human life of 79 years, roughly 113 times 22,075,000

  23. The best subway cookie is the blue ones in the bathroom urinals.

  24. im so confused it sais there are 31,536,000 seconds in a year but 22,075,000 seconds in a lifetime hgfcgvhjuyturdfgh what

  25. fun fact, in a life there is 199, 307, 250,000,000 seconds to spare, or 199 TRILLION, 307 BLIIION, AND 250 MILLION SECONDS

  26. Its about capitalism. Life isn't about hoarding wealth and dominating markets, capitalism is. Cookie Clicker is.

  27. If you didn't know, it's on Steam now, you should do another video. :O!

  28. The math in this video is incorrect lol, even in a year there is 31.5 million seconds a year

  29. i think the best part about this is that 22 million seconds is about 8 months

  30. I've been on my run for 231 days and have 1 trillion prestige
    80 percent of achievementsand 94 percent of the prestige tree unlocked
    450 idleverses is the most I've had
    The only 'cheat' I've done is using a 20cps auto clicker but I can drag clicking 40 I just don't want to break my Kain 100

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