The Grandma's Takeover? Cookie Clicker - One Mind Upgrade -

The Grandma’s Takeover? Cookie Clicker – One Mind Upgrade

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So I got the One Mind upgrade for cookie clicker… doesn’t seem like that much of a difference, besides the background.


  1. When I got one mind I went to youtube and found this.

  2. lol, When The grandmas get evil, not just the background change, they decrease ur cookies by sending some wrinkles, which we will have to kill em, they eat our cookie!

  3. When I did it the buy grandmas' picture turned evil it scared me a little

  4. Never get the one mind grandmal upgrade they come and steal your cookies I luckily refreshed my game is it hadn't of saved

  5. is it a good idea to get it?because i am able to. should i?

  6. it is not the end you have to buy anti Grandma elder

  7. you are so stupid just keep on playing till it says your done

  8. when i got this upgrade i decided not to play this game ever again

  9. also did you guys notice the picture on the grandma buying thing? verrry creepy

  10. i got one mind i stop playing i got hella scared

  11. When I came across this and I saw the grandma I RESET my game then I was sad

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