The Grandma's Rise! | GRANDMAPOCALYPSE | Cookie Clicker -

The Grandma’s Rise! | GRANDMAPOCALYPSE | Cookie Clicker

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  1. bro used a thumbnail from another guy on a video 8 years ago

  2. This is what happens when you miss all 28 of my calls!

  3. You literally straight up copied that thumbnail off ToastKen

  4. can we just appreciate that he has 100t sugar lumps

  5. I love how he is at Infinity cookies but he is still clicking the cookie

  6. Sad fact: I lost all of my cookie clicker progress by closing the tab i had 2 factory’s one bank 50 grandmas and 3 mines 4 farms and over one thousand cookies

  7. the random girl whos bad at every thing says:

    he didnt buy the last upgrade for the gradmapocalypse and it hurts 🙁

  8. why to buy 1 by 1 when you can buy 10 by 10 or 100?

  9. why are the grandmas saying rude stuff later on

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