The Fastest Garden Scumming Guide - Cookie Clicker -

The Fastest Garden Scumming Guide – Cookie Clicker

Aza Nice
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The fastest way to get sugar lumps in cookie clicker…
Guide by Darkpr0:
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  1. Remember to use Supreme intellect+Reality Bending auras for 5.5% mutation and faster growth – thanks linus lucke

  2. You can actually combine Sugar Lump scumming and garden with the choose your own lump mod, and get all lumps needed in like 3 months.

    Also I recommend exporting for garden scumming instead of saving and refreshing to skip load times

  3. Dumb question but couldn't you do this with stock ticks too?

  4. how do you stop auto save from kicking in before you refresh?

  5. imagine taking a week off to do this lol, 77 in 1 week

  6. Aza nice tell me how iye get click frenzy much faster

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