The Cookie Clicker Strategy: Smart Hints for Better Results
The Cookie Clicker Strategy

The Cookie Clicker Strategy: Smart Hints for Better Results

The idle adventure is more complicated than it seems. It’s not only about tapping. Otherwise, it would be boring. It’s about thinking ahead and sticking to a Cookie Clicker strategy. There are some tips on how to make this free game more rewarding. Play online or download the title to your device. If you know nothing about the game, watch the video that explains the basics:

What’s Your Style?

What’s Your Style

Think about how you want to play the adventure. It depends on what you like to do: clicking or managing. If you’re alright with the first, put emphasis on purchasing buildings. But if you prefer to delegate the task, invest in automation. Don’t waste resources on something you don’t need. Of course, you can change your decision at any time. But it’s better to stick to the plan to achieve impressive results.

The Cookie Clicker Strategy: Rely on Grandmas

Rely on Grandmas

According to most players, farms are less efficient than grandmas. They simply can’t pay off to the same extent. Initially, you can purchase a couple of them together with upgrades. But don’t focus on them entirely. Nothing outmatches grandmas’ baking superpowers, neither in real life, nor here.

Pay Attention to Upgrading Opportunities

Pay Attention to Upgrading Opportunities

Whenever there is a chance to improve your production capacity, go for it. It’s vital and influences the number of cookies you make per second. Logically, it only applies to the buildings and skills you need. It’s unwise to waste points on something you won’t benefit from. For example, if you don’t want to tap yourself, don’t invest in these abilities.

Is Prestige Important?

Prestige seems to be useless at first. But trust us, it’s one of the major conditions for development. Yes, it’s not nice when everything you have built and accumulated is reset. But this allows you to get more cookies in the long run. Perfect your Prestige after reaching 1 trillion cookies. Start anew and perform even better. You can also sit, think and play Wordle at!


These are general and most obvious tips on the Cookie Clicker strategy. Play the game yourself to find what works especially for you. And share the experience with a rich community of fans!

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