The Cookie Clicker Experience -

The Cookie Clicker Experience

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Mental Health Hotline: none are prepared for cookie addicts
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  1. And this started 10 years ago as a simple browser game, where the highest building tier was Time Machine and the author even created a 'beta' instance of this game that only lasted for a day or so.

  2. Loud ≠ funny stop doing that kinda annoying shout

  3. u can make your name (name here) saysopensesame

  4. was thinking of downloading cookie clicker but man this is too complicated?!

  5. He didn't do true never click I feel scamed

  6. new update you can bye you in cookie clicker

  7. Theres one last building you missed, the most powerful and integral cookie making machine of all…

  8. the en dof the world starts to be dangrous this guy thats F I N E

  9. They added a new tower: "You"! because self support is the best support 😊

    I'm kidding its clones you are literally making clones of yourself

  10. Cookie clicker updated again so now get more achievements

  11. He broke reality because he wanted to 100% a clicker game

  12. 15:15
    can you summarize that in a way someone who is about to start clicking can understand?

  13. You think your good? Morgan was the first person to create a cookie

  14. I didn't know cookie clicker was this intense

  15. I type this after i nonstop drinking 3 lit of water

  16. me unsubs because strawberry milk isn't my favorite
    Dragoon: if you have eaten a cookie, subscribe
    Me: guess i'll sub

  17. You didn't actually get all the achievements though

  18. When he said “did you brush your teeth?” I REALISED I HADNT.

  19. Btw if you put chickensaysopensesame as your bakery name then you can unlock a little thing in the corner near your cookie and you’ll see 😈😈

  20. Who else wants cookie and milk after watching ?

  21. I know how to do it all in a instant add open sesame at the end of your name then there are dev toks

  22. dont know why i just watched 26 minutes of cookie clicker haha, good video good job

  23. Can i have your channel as im in a scotish clsn that was the first dragoons

  24. Dragoon, I love your videos very much! ive watched this video more than 2 times, and i loved it! P.S. can you make videos about cookie clicker updates?

  25. how rare are cookie chains? i got one after infinite golden cookies

  26. The Random Word Generator said this was a Sin, From. The Random word generator. To, Dragoon.

  27. Dragoon more like im so bad at bloons that i played cookie clicker for 3 months oons

  28. Im only one billions not reached trillions and im now scared of how im gonna make it
    but im only i the first day

  29. Though out the video you can hear his descent into cookie madness

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