The Bakery (Cookie Clicker) vs Goku (Dragon Ball Super) #cookieclicker #dragonball #whoisstrongest -

The Bakery (Cookie Clicker) vs Goku (Dragon Ball Super) #cookieclicker #dragonball #whoisstrongest

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  1. Cortex baker is enough to solo goku

  2. Okay let’s just say for simplicity sake one cookie is one power level eventually the bakery could make people strong as Zino

  3. Bro is literally comparing an scp to a person beyond the gods

  4. This is the best thing ever but lord beerus would eat it unless it was made by a girl

  5. the bakery litteraly can produce an infinite amount of mass energy and bend reality, itl probably bake goku into a new kind of cookie

  6. “Gives durability right as it breaks”


  7. Where is the GIF where the cookie breaks at the ascension

  8. To all those Goku fans The Baker can be scaled to Beyond Tiering+ And Possibly Beyond Tiering++

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