the Baker (cookie clicker) vs Azathoth, and some fodder #cookieclicker #powerscaling #shorts -

the Baker (cookie clicker) vs Azathoth, and some fodder #cookieclicker #powerscaling #shorts

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  1. bro just skipped past 3812 even though he was by far the most powerful in the video

  2. He can Just turn the enemy into a cookie💀💀💀. (damm)

  3. Doctor Doom is goated. (Allah is god 🙏) says:

    Power scalers get more and more unhinged by the day.

  4. I’m actually Goku scales to Gokuversal with Irrelevant Goku speed and therefore can beat The Baker from Cookie Clicker 🤓

    but due to scp 4555 even the en tok is beyond
    Type IV Multiverses, which is much higher then the baker (who caps at beyond Tiering system/all of math including cantor's interpretation of absolute infinity)

  6. can i have a link to the cookie clicker picture? Also nice video

  7. Forget getting your intire existence and multiverse soloed, your ass is going to be a cookie or a tool for making cookie. Either way it's inevitable and purgatory like

  8. ı Dislike Cuz This Random Freaking Cookie Beated Grey Goo In A Short

  9. Baker finna kill them with High blood sugar and Obesity

  10. Not fair All you need to do is just click click and eventually you’ll become more powerful than that character the Baker is fodder in a nutshell

  11. The baker is one of the ultimate forces of fiction that’s ever expending the limits of cookies

  12. Azathoth is essentially a cortex baker which the baker uses to make more cookies

  13. The baker can buy clones, use portals buy space ships hire an army of grandmas open universes and even use the power of Java script within the game

  14. The baler neg diffs azatoth because the baker literally made multiple azatoths😊

  15. song for anyone who wants it: SLAUGHTER HOUSE

  16. Name of song? PLEASE

  17. BRO DAMN THIS MUSIC SLAPSSSS (it’s called Slaughter House btw)

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