The $1,000,000 Cookie?! (NOT Cookie Clicker - Cookies Inc. Idle Tycoon) -

The $1,000,000 Cookie?! (NOT Cookie Clicker – Cookies Inc. Idle Tycoon)

Ryan Phillips
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The $1,000,000 Cookie?! (NOT Cookie Clicker – Cookies Inc. Idle Tycoon)

Today we’re playing Cookies Inc. – Idle Tycoon! Cookies Inc. is an amazing idle clicker game. In this incremental idle game you farm up cookies to buy more cookies! If you want to see more Cookies Inc. Idle Tycoon let me know down below!


  1. I Loved the video my birthday is today 👍

  2. I wonder what Ryan should look like with his hair comed

  3. its probably just me but this guy is my personality if i didn't think before i speak

  4. I’m god at this game I’m at the fifth shelf

  5. I still feel like tewity’s schedule is really busy. Hes so active on posting but he must need a break

  6. i have 63536271819289282827261426271719281

  7. Luv your vids so much but you need to upgrade the structures bec I upgraded it and next day it gave me so much cookies then I upgraded the structure again then my money flew but also I bought upgrades but structure is better but you also need a bit of upgrades

  8. You start with Ethan cookie obviously it's doing the opposite way around that it should be with the cookies

  9. I saw the vIdIO and then I downloaded the game and played it and got to q money

  10. Ryan: Says no one likes oatmeal cookies

    Me: Punches Screen

  11. this is how many times he said cookies

  12. I have 1 quadratilion not quadrillion

  13. I like how he says 'I just swipe my finger' but he is on a PC cus I see a mouse

  14. Tips: the last cookie in the row is the best, when YOU GET Like 50 cookie presses AND evreything else in thet row YOU GET a boost for strutruces AND IT says how much of evrey structure in that row YOU need

  15. How did he get cookie magnet that costs 7 septillion

  16. I don't think you're going to be me anytime soon and if you are oh I don't think so


  18. at 10:37 you had 6,666 chocolate chip cookies 😛 (like this comment if you saw that too).

  19. You should play Stick War Legacy now this moment

  20. how did u get so the cookies just magnet to u plss tell me i need to know so quick

  21. Pla make another episode of cookie inc idle tycoon

  22. How did you get the cookie sucker upgrade?

  23. Finally someone did a video on this game
    Ive been playing for 10 months
    I even have a team with 40+ people
    If you need any tips ask 🙂

  24. I collected 1 nonilion cookies and I get 4 octilion cookies per sec

  25. Yoo i actually finished that game like 2 weeks ago!

  26. Oh my god join my team
    Team: Salty Guns
    Captain: JpPoints7816 (me)
    Description: OwO
    Password: 532054

  27. The milkshakes are used for more cookies go to MENU and click MILK

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