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Terraria Bosses vs Cookie Clicker Weapons

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I Clicka da Eyeball

The mod is “clicker class” in the tmodlaoder browser

2nd channel:



  1. Is it me or one of the blood crawlers just… dropped a golden chest…

  2. wow 222k subs you really deserve 1 million subs in 2023/2022

  3. i guess clicking was inspired by cookie clicker

  4. Also have you noticed that when he talks about defeating king slime and checks the boss list, it says that he wasn't defeated yet

  5. Who will win:
    The god of the moon
    One Auto Clicker


  7. Honestly, no-one who plays this mod ATCHALLY OBTAINS the Gamer Crate. Pls do a Part Two.

  8. 8:55 I love how he just ignores the "This account is currently logged in elsewhere" message, because that might no be an extremely big problem..

  9. "my finger has grown biceps" uses autoclicker XD

  10. anybody notice the gold chest that dropped from the blood crawler? 5:07

  11. How to beat the game
    Step 1 download this mod
    Step 2 download an auto clicker

  12. Imagine clicking.

    – This was commented by the "good too bored and downloaded a autoclicker" gang

    also when part 2?

  14. i like how the crimson spiders droped a chest

  15. to do more damage to the wall of flesh hit the eyes they have less defense even though all parts of the wall of flesh share one health bar

  16. Matt Damon
    Matt Damon
    Matt Damon
    Matt Damon
    Matt Damon
    Matt Damon
    Matt Damon

  17. Took down king slime oh what’s this not dead oh well

  18. 8:14 says king slime is defeated while the boss checklist mod says otherwise…

  19. "my fingers biceps have grown another two biceps with another one on top with a flux capacitator in the center and that's powered by ultra instinct goku"

  20. this is the new trending mod rn so evryone is doing this rn

  21. your fingers will fell reeeeeeaaaaaaallyyyyy nice on ladies

  22. dani after eating his cat: where milk

  23. you can use an autoclicker and like insta-kill the giant slime/ slime king

  24. What would happen if you used OP auto clicker that can click at 0 miliseconds somehow

  25. i think im the only one who noticed the YOUR ACCOUNT HAS BEEN LOGGED IN FROM ANOTHER LOCATION

  26. im so sad my terraria disc got scratched because my xbox 360 closed somehow before i realized the disc was not placed corectly and now i cant play the game so i try to build a map familiar to terraria in minecraft just imagine the bosses in first player like the eye of cthulu gave me shivers and also when the game said " it feels as if your being watched" but also what scared me absolutley and maybe other people was the wall of flesh and only could you not i destroyed him on the hundred time of him killing me and i said " hecks no i dont want to see you again " but aparently you need the good stuff he actauly gives plus i made a world witch was new and i started putting the holy seeds to clense the world from corruption because the corruption just spreads no mater the cost so yeah i did a good thing and welp the disc is dead XD

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