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Terraria 1.4 but with Cookie Clicker! Modded Terraria 1.4 Let’s Play #2

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It’s time for something historic, our very first modded let’s play with the 1.4 update! In this series, we’ll be beating Terraria 1.4 with the click class mod thanks to the Tmodloader 1.4 Alpha.

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🌳 About Terraria: Terraria is a 2D action-adventure sandbox video game developed by Re-Logic. The game was initially released for Microsoft Windows in May 2011, and has since been released for various consoles, handhelds, and mobile devices. Gameplay of Terraria features exploration, crafting, building, and combat with a variety of creatures in a procedurally generated 2D world.

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  1. Day 12 of asking James to make a terraria server

  2. Seeing James sell other stuff in his inventory and completely ignoring the extra Magic Mirror was quite bothersome for me lol. But that’s just how he is 😉

  3. you can double your cps by using your other finger on the mousepad

  4. we need to look for gems as he is standing next to a gem tree lol


  6. Day 8 of reminding everyone to water their grass

  7. Sonic adventure is basically what he explained, knuckle guy gets angry at broken gems

  8. Keep a look out for gems
    Literally the gem tree right by him

  9. James: I'm tired of falling in water
    also James: gets saved by water

  10. he missed like 100 different platinum veins and also why didn’t he just sell the statues or 2nd magic mirror instead of the thing you use to start magic storage and better tools and weapons

  11. James, please add vein miner, it would be useful to you and us because you’re not spending as much time grabbing ore throughout the play through 😁

  12. I am so glad someone has fond memories of sonic adventure chaos was the blob that came from the master emerald XD keep up the lovly work !

  13. Im lovin the overworld music, i remember it from ages ago

  14. So what you're thinking about James is sonic adventure where that "grey blob" is actually a blue water monster but yeah the knuckles bit is pretty on point he's never really happy cuz people keep stealing the master emerald or he has to smash it so no one can steal it.

  15. Get silver or to get some clicker armor

  16. May we take a moment to realize there is never a second of silence in chippyscouch, that has to be an achievement or something

  17. tip I got for money: you can make stained glass walls with glass and gems to get stonks

  18. woooooooooooooyes lest 0goioon woooookh yeay boiviiii

  19. Mister James, you should try drag-clicking, for max dps.

  20. Sonic Adventure 1 was the one with the blue blob (named Chaos) and Knuckles is mad that the Master Emerald is shattered.
    In Sonic Adventure 2, Knuckles shatters the emerald himself when Eggman tries to steal it, but he treasure hunts in both games.

  21. I recommend that you get the OmniSwing mod because it’s essentially an AutoClicker for terraria weapons

  22. Speaking of cookie clicker, I have a Cookie licker run that ive been on for 23 days

  23. Chaos, the blob enemy. Sonic Adventure. The shattered Master Emerald, Sonic Adventure 2.

  24. chippy reading description: clicking the cookie makes your radius bigger
    chippy like ten second later: holy cow clicking the cookie makes your radius bigger! thats so surprising!

  25. Man it looks so good just want console 1.4 to come out

  26. Watching him sell the Diamonds, knowing he needs them for magic storage, destroyed my soul.

  27. Melan The Folf / Ruffles The Folf / RiotProto says:

    I love your videos chippy!

  28. The alternating finger movements is called butterfly clicking and trust me, its the best clicking method. You can get 15 cps if your trying hard and it doesn't take practice to control your aim while doing it, unlike Jitter. I dont reccomend drag though because it requires special mouses sometimes (Vibrating your finger on the mouse by dragging it). Was this comment just to vomit out clicking knowledge I've never vented to anyone about and not to help chippy? Yes.

  29. Love that he still hasn't made the cactus armour

  30. 10:50 chippy – let's keep an eye out for any gems
    Also chippy – walks straight past a gem tree

  31. james: not sure if he wants to play ghost of tsushima because its slightly repetitive.
    meanwhile james has over 2000h on a game that takes him 20h to beat

  32. A clicker combined with 99 grenades, 99 bombs and 99 dynamite. Explosive clicker that explodes blocks

  33. the fact that james can make this video just as enjoyable without game audio proves how entertaining his stories are love the chippys couch lets plays

  34. Me a drag clicker who can aim while doing it: ;]

  35. Chippy- if I miss anything you can scream at me in the comments
    Also Chippy- walks past giant gem vein saying that

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