Step up your Cookie Production BIG TIME using the GOLDEN SWITCH | COOKIE CLICKER Walkthrough #7 -

Step up your Cookie Production BIG TIME using the GOLDEN SWITCH | COOKIE CLICKER Walkthrough #7

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In this part of our Cookie Clicker Tutorial series we show you how to optimize your cookie production for an idle run using the golden switch.

The Strategies presented will allow you to immediately and drastically accelerate you’re production and ultimately allow you to hurry up all your runs on your way to cookie clicker perfection.

Including the tips and tricks presented in the other videos of this playlist, the Cookie Clicker series is intended to help you throughout the game and give you the best clicking experience known to the world of baked goods.

please share your opinion on the game and our series with us in the comment section and leave a rating on the video.

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  1. Golden Switch is also useful during active play, if you turn it on during click frenzies. It can extend chains too if conditions are right.

  2. Thanks for your videos, guys! They really help a lot and I'm looking forward for future updates!

  3. i think some of the best strategies is active play when your magic meter is full. if you want to play a little bit but also get the crazy high numbers if you are lucky. golden switch is important for active and passive play.

    let me explain my setup, godzamok in panteon, and use force the hand of fate in grimoire.
    in the krumblor auras, set radiant appetite first then breath of milk.
    set golden switch on when going away from the pc for more than a few hours.

    then comes the active play part, with the golden switch off and full magic meter click cookies and wait for a frenzy, then right before the second golden cookie appear and before the frenzy timer expires click hand of fate for a golden cookie, and then wait for another golden cookie to appear. now you are in a x7 frenzy with 2 golden cookies on your screen, now click them both. now if you got a Click frenzy then activate golden switch and sell all your 5 top buildings.
    then click as fast as you can on the cookie, when you get fast at this you can rebuy and sell building and click cookie again a second time.

    dont spend all your cookies on buildings, the bigger you bank is the better, spend 20% or so if you get a Click frenzy.
    just frenzy and clicking frenzy is pretty good, but you can get Building special and Click frenzy and in late game get double of some with luck. im pretty sure that is months of idling.

  4. Im more happy you told me about toys instead of the actual game mechanics

  5. I didn't care about switch I only cared about the toys

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