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Speed Baking I, II, and III – Cookie Clicker

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Hey everyone! Today, I unlocked the Speed Baking I, II, and III shadow achievements in Cookie Clicker. Speed Baking I requires you to get to 1 million cookies baked in 35 minutes, Speed Baking II requires 1 million cookies in 25 minutes, and Speed Baking III requires 1 million in 15 minutes. Here’s how I did it. I ascended in the Born Again challenge mode, and I began jitter clicking the big cookie. I got 10 cursors, then went for the first cursor upgrade, 10 grandmas, the grandma upgrade, so on and so forth. I basically was just trying to get as many cookies per second (CPS) as possible as soon as possible. I sped up most of the footage, but feel free to slow down the video so you can see exactly what I did.
About 7 minutes into the run, the first golden cookie appeared, and it was a Click Frenzy, which multiplies clicking power by 777x the normal amount – which is a lot! I jitter clicked like crazy, which got me a ton of cookies. Speed Baking III is basically impossible to get unless you get a Click Frenzy. In those 15 minutes for the achievement, you will most likely get 2 golden cookies. You want at least one to be a Click Frenzy, and it helps a lot if the other one is a normal Frenzy, which multiplies your CPS by 7x for a short time. If you get these golden cookies, you will mostly likely get the achievement before the 15-minute mark.
I hope you found this video helpful! If you’re going for the achievement, good luck! Let me know if you want to see more Cookie Clicker videos.

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  1. I accidentally got speed baking one when I wasn’t even trying to 😂

  2. watched his i didnt even get a cookie rush yet i got it in under 10 mins

  3. i was doing a challenge where i tried to get true neverclick in 1 hour but accidentally got speed baking I along with true neverclick, i got 4 achievements at the same time when i got 1 million cookies

  4. Done speed baking 3 in on the dot nine minutes with the first cookie being a normal frenzy, that has to be a record

  5. tysm, i learned juter clicking and i i am soo happy, ty!

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