Song - Collecting Cookies - Mic the Microphone and The Living Tombstone -

Song – Collecting Cookies – Mic the Microphone and The Living Tombstone

The Living Tombstone
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Based on the fantastic Cookie Clicker game by Orteil:

Vocals by MictheMicrophone

Grandmas by Wonchop:

Visuals by VigorousVisuals –



Verse 1:

I am a lawyer, and I’m a father,
I talk well by the rules and do my best to care for my kids,
Got so much money, I got a happy family
I got a busy schedule, so I can’t talk right now, sorry

I am a student, I’ve got PHDs,
I majored in Drama, Science, Laws, Music, Philosophy
I’m an example, every body wants me
But none of it matters since I’m just sit collectin’ cookies.

Verse 2:

I am a party boy. I like to be.
In clubs Twerkin’ and Dancin’, Bein’ dumb with people like me
I don’t really mind cause I’ve got no self-esteem
There’s plenty to go around cause there’s no ‘I’ in TEAM.

I am a runner, I’m an athlete
I like to run and be the fastest like a bolt of lightning
Be number one, I want more medals, I want to win
If I can’t get there I can shoot adrenaline.

But I, got no one, I got no job, no talent that I’m good at,
So I’m lying, in bed I am crying, wishing that I’ll get lucky someday,

I’m crying, I’m crying, and whining, and whining
wishing that I’ll get lucky someday,
I’m crying, I’m crying, and whining,

But none of it matters really since I just sit collecting cookies.


– Koolfox


  1. It dawned on me that all the persona's cited in this song are false, all fake persona's made in order to compensate for their lack of any sort of skill other than tapping the mouse button rapidly to collect cookies.

  2. I hate how this isn’t on Spotify 😬👉👈

  3. 1 / 4 grandmas are interglatic portals of space time

  4. You disgust me.
    – grandma

  5. PLEASE release a instrumental LOL THE LINK DOESNT WORK ;(((

  6. Quarantine makes this song hit harder than normal

  7. can you make the same song but with no lyrics-

  8. my man should just get an atuo clicker
    -brad's controller

  9. A terrifying realization hit me when I realized how much this song sounds like Poker Face by Lady Gaga

  10. bruh I've heard this song on so many animations

  11. 7 years, holy f**k… its been a lot of time…
    But none of it matters since i just sit collectin' cookies…..

  12. I still can't believe they made a song about Cookie Collector.

  13. Me: Grandmother may I have cookies?
    My grandmother: Maybe my friends will help you with that.

    Me: grandmother I don’t think I need that many cookies

  14. So how did they manage to turn a clicker game with little to no music an entire song

  15. TLT will u ever upload this song on spotify? 🙁

  16. I'm an amazing website, everybody wants to read me, but none of that matters since I just sit collecting cookies

  17. A god reference to the game "cookie clicker" idk if tis is the correct name

  18. I just noticed the green grandmas arm disappears in one frame. I am angry now.

  19. Yo how can the music only get better and better honestly wish someone would remix all his music together


    Ultimate Baker & Ultimate Cookie

    Execution: Executed

  21. they could have used a macro and or auto clicker same thing really. but thats besides the point of the message

  22. Song: talks about some kind of identity crisis or addiction
    These grannies: 💃💃🏼💃🏾

  23. I was eating cookies while listening to this btw

  24. friend showed me cookie clicker again after like 8 years of me forgetting it and this is the first thing that came to my mind. i remember playing this song while playing the game. damn .

  25. I'm wasting my life playing cookie clicker. DO I CARE??? FUCK NO!!!

  26. This song slaps more nowadays considering Cookie Clicker is coming to steam soon-

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