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“small” cookie clicker combo

Two Slimes
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a “small” combo where i get quinvigintillion
combo details: f+dh+6bs+cf, not executed perfectly. planner, scumming and a little bit of cookie monster was used to execute this combo


  1. ゴザモク、効いてない。もっと一瞬で建物売らないといけないですね。

  2. What a waste of the cara lump combo to not include dragon flight. Could have made so much more. Otherwise nice exicution

  3. lol no way besides that temple and garden that was the exact same combo i did

  4. dude how do you pull up the import save menu like that is there a keybind?

  5. Its crazy how did you click the third FTHOF so fast! is there a special strategy?

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