Deniel Maertukaev
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yeah! that combo uses savescumming and other techniques that can be considered “cheaty”.


  1. I thought DragonFlight can't be combined with clickfrenzy?

  2. May I ask you whats your prestige level now after this?

  3. wow. im only at the septendecillions and the octodecillions

  4. Why do you switch easter season several times? What is the purpose?

  5. Why do you only sell your mines for Godzamok bonus multiplier? Would it not give around 5,5 times higher Godzamok boost if you say also sold Towers, temples, banks, factories, mines and farms, I know your base Cps will drop as you sell more buildings but the almost 5,5 times bigger boost to Godzamok should make up for that right? Since CpS only drop by around 30% with those buildings sold and his power is 5,5 times higher. (0,7 X 5,5) is much bigger than (1,0 X 0.95). I've been doing a frenzy, click frenzy (FtotH) with elder frenzy, with this strat and it feels like selling more buildings (up ta a point) is the best strat for highest amount of cookies. I go for Towers, temples, banks, factories, mines and farms in that order and selling them all takes about 1s + 0.5s moving over to big cookie, so I got 8,5s to click. But now I will try doing it with your swicth over to Mokalsium for even better CpS now.

  6. it breaks my heart to see clicking frenzy run out right there. you couldve made so much more if you hadnt daddled around

  7. Это сколько миллионов лет кпс то?

  8. How do you manage to get 229 sugar lumps like it's nothing?

  9. Why were you so slow after you got click frenzy???

  10. yeah except not competitive playstyle 🙁
    also people have gotten much more cookies with your playstyle

  11. ways this could've been better:
    1. nursetulips with golden clovers instead of a full plot of golden clovers to give more wiggle room (harvest/freeze when done)
    2. swap holobore into the second slot after clicking last golden cookie and have muridal in the last slot (or cyclius in second or third slot depending on time zone and time of combo)
    3. swap mokalsium from unslotted to first slot instead of last to first
    4. sell more buildings (optimal buildings to sell with all upgrades are mines, factories, banks, wizard towers, shipments, portals, time machines, antimatter condensers, chancemakers, and javascript consoles)
    5. swap dragon aura before doing godzamok buff
    6. spawn the click frenzy cookie and don't click it until you click the dragonflight cookie so as to not let click frenzy run out prematurely
    7. better building specials (high five + congregation + luxuriant harvest + ore vein + oiled up is optimal but this is a bit hard to force, but this combo only had 1 of the optimal building specials being ore vein)
    8. get the second loan lmao its right there and +100% cps
    9. could've upgrades some buildings with those 128 extra sugar lumps

  12. bro these are getting too crazy oh mah gawsh

  13. if my math is right you made 779,820,087,619,786.5 years of cookie per click you asume 10 cps then you made 7,798,200,876,197,865 years of cookie

    you forgot to get the 2nd loan that would have give you 1.559640175239573e+16

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