Scratch Tutorial: How to make Cookie Clicker! (Part 1) -

Scratch Tutorial: How to make Cookie Clicker! (Part 1)

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Watch to recreate cookie clicker in scratch!
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  1. Cheated cookies taste awful
    (It’s an easter egg when you hack in infinity cookies in the original game)

  2. Always make the cost and structure cps a variable(advice) also make the +cpc text follow mouse pointer and create clones to allow multiples clicking texts.

  3. 3:26 and put the ''and'' diamond block? Diamond block?! DIAMOND BLOCK?!!?!? what the hell'

  4. Ur tutorial is so bad and who even uses scratch anyway

  5. Thanks I Watched A But Got The Idea Of It Lol

  6. Ima Use Your Comments To Get A Link Down With Yours Bc I'm Giving U Credit

  7. hallo i love ven how you help me and oders keep up the good work i like to code i am 11 and am danis :):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  8. Why not upload a cookie clicker sprite from google?

  9. how do i make it so you cant cheat and hold the cookie

  10. DUDE I AM A KID AND THIS REALLY HELPED ME, I ALREADY KNEW HOW TO make clicker part but not shop!

  11. Here's a thing you should do:
    When Flag clicked
    If cookie < 50 then
    set [ghost] effect -25 (Ghost is in the set color thing in looks)

    If cookie > 9 then
    set [ghost] effect 0

    What it does is it grays out if you can't buy it.

  12. Hey I was wondering if you could make a tutorial on how to make tycoon games? Like Rollercoaster Tycoon, not clicker games. I want to create one but I don't know the exact codes to use

  13. Im a fast clicker and the size breaks it becomes massive cus of how fast i click is they anyway to solve this (5 clicks per Millisecond)

  14. Thank you! I was making a idle game and got stuck, now I know how to make one, again, thank you!

  15. The cookie looks like poop Earth. Also, even tho ur a kid, you still know a lot – about coding scratch.

  16. 1 AM A BOSS
    (I was told to say this in the video description)

  17. can you make changing price? and double click?

  18. I'm also a bad artist in scratch, don't worry

  19. My other clicker games don't have a shop cause I didn't know how to make a shop, this helped me thx!

  20. thanks for making this it helped me make a cookie clicker game in scratch

  21. I can't make a grandma either 🙁

  22. This is awesome, I impressed my friends with this. You set at the cool kids table. Your AWSOME!!! 🙂

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