Scratch Tutorial: How to make Cookie Clicker! (Part 1) -

Scratch Tutorial: How to make Cookie Clicker! (Part 1)

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Watch to recreate cookie clicker in scratch!
50 likes for a part 2 😀
But WAIT… There’s more! ↓



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  1. when i first saw the grandma in the thumbnail i thought it was a mushroom lol

  2. if you want a better grandma then search, "what does the grandma from cookie clicker look like?"

  3. I'm having issues as my game is running on a different backdrop so the power up or grandma is not working.
    please help.

  4. After Watching Thumbnail : 😎
    After Watching Video : 😣

  5. i deleted my whole project from head to toe 2 times by mistake so I'm frustrated you got any ideas?

  6. UR THE BESTTTTT i can empress my teacher and i will rec this game and give u shout out

  7. Thanks man! You learnt me how to stop them from buying if you didn’t have enough cookies! It would always just go into negatives

  8. your problem is the go yards, you should put 105 yards

  9. also cookies = 50, not cookies greater than 50

  10. Thank you, now I can make cookie clicker from scratch.

  11. warrrrrrrrfammmmmmmeeeee u are so cool

  12. When I use my buy my worker it changes everything. But it never changes my watermelons. I have watermelons per second but I’m not earning water melons Edit:I am using watermelons

  13. reminds me of 2017 when everything was:

  14. For a kid, you did amazing at making and explaining the game

  15. Your grandma looks funny in a good sort of way

  16. For me it dos'nt work the cookies per second don't go up by them selfs

  17. Hey But Mcguy!
    How do you get the cloud variable option for your variable. Because I dont get that option

  18. Dude you explain this sick very easy to understand fucking madman thx

  19. İTS PERFECT! I M WRİTİNG FROM TURKEY AND I m saying your videos is so awesome!

  20. McGuy, for me, on the 'when flag clicked forever if mousepointer and mouse down? then…' it's not working for me when I click the cookie

  21. McGuy: 50 likes for part 2
    People Watching: what!? nah we'll give you 1.1k

  22. i wanna see it because im recreating it now
    on scratch right now lol

  23. Problem, If you hold down the clicker, it continues building cookies.

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