Scratch Cookie Clicker Tutorial -

Scratch Cookie Clicker Tutorial

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In this Scratch tutorial, I show how to code a cookie clicker type game in Scratch!

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  1. when l try to make this it goes wrong

  2. hey man i subbed pls dont steal my cookies 🍪🍪🍪

  3. hei i love your videos so keep up the good work:) 🙂

  4. Hi i have an error when i click a lot of times the cookie the particle like stop and move with other ParticleXv i tihnk its beacuase the Xv variable changes beacuase of the other particles

  5. hello love your videos!May ı advertise your channel in scratch?

  6. Hey, when I try to add the shine, it spins across the screen instead of the shine actually moving and staying still.

  7. This made me so made because every time I would try and make it do the true or false thing I wouldn't work it took me three tries but I finally did it

  8. My wont work with double click and i have the exact same code

  9. Hey,when I use something that will cost 1,000 or more, when the score is 0, it will still say that you have enough, plz help me

  10. hi thanks for teaching me how to make a cliker game in scrach beacaus im a beginer i do not know how too code THANKS

  11. There is a bug coming whenever i am touching the 1coockiesperclick the cost isn't showing same with the cps

  12. hey owen i was trying to add number counter but it didn't work can you help a lil

  13. This is amazing but I had one problem where if I click one of the shops it doesn’t work. If you have any reasons just tell me.

  14. Hey greate Video but i have a problem, both upgrates work but when i run the game both upgrates generate ontop of each other and i have to manually move one of it to the side. can u maby help me? 🙂

  15. can you send me the upload of the sprites pwease.

  16. tbh i never made this game bc it was too complicates later on for me lol but i have used it for the start when you click the cookie and it does that lil thing

  17. There is a glitch where how that the 2nd upgrade wont show the cost and stuff

  18. Hey,so when I made the upgrades there was a problem the + 1 cps cookie is lower then the +1 cpc cookie i tried to fix it but i can`t so can I was hoping you could help me

  19. at 13:25 it says you can duplicate the block and the other upgrade will appear beside the cpc upgrade, but for me it doesnt, it just shows the cps upgrade and not both of them

  20. At 13:25 you say to duplicate the block and your cps will show the cps hover but for me when i hover over the cps it shows the cpc hover anyway of helping?

  21. How do you get the 3 starting sprites? I can't find them!

  22. @ShiftClickLearn My Clicker Game is kinda broken.. when i hover the upgrades it decreases my score to negative even tho i don't have enough

  23. the cookies per click isnt working for me

  24. Can you make an assets project for every tutorial you make because sometimes its easy to draw your basic vector art but this… is not easy so please make an assets project like griffpatch. And also none of griffpatch's tutorial i watch dosen't work its all buggy but your tutorial works but the problem is your art

  25. Thank you for posting this video somtimes i struggle make games on scratch with no videos

  26. this is an like tutorial BUT THERE LITERAL MEMES LOL
    memes counter: uncontable

  27. Bruh the particle dosent WORK

  28. What if cps and cpc shops spawn in one place? (Together)

  29. I know how to make variables update to text 😉

  30. I got one small problem, when i reach 50$ it does not let me get the cookies per second upgrade but it lets me get both when im at 100$+ idk whats causing this

  31. i did this with my own melon sprite instead, great tutorial!

  32. Good tutorial, I am having trouble with the buying because the upgrade thats meant to cost 50 gives you -100

  33. my only problem is that i cant figure out how to make it not be able to spam cause im looking at yours and you cant spam it but when i look at mine you can

    edit: when i play it my upgrades dont work unless i set my money to 50 or 150 then it works

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