Sayori discovers Cookie Clicker -

Sayori discovers Cookie Clicker

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Sayori discovers her new favourite game.

Music used: Zeta Force (Gameboy Version) by Zabutom

So there was this period in my life when I played Cookie Clicker religiously. Like seriously, I had it open in another tab every single day for like 8 months straight. You don’t even know how many Grandmapocalypses I prevented. You’re welcome for that, btw. Then one day, I realized something. This game sucks. So I used cheats to get myself the rest of the upgrades and achievements. That was one of the most satisfying experiences of my life.

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  1. Wow I'm a beginner in video editing, and I'm amazed by the skills you showed me. This is mas sus

  2. She's Addicted of that game…

    Click until u die

  3. This does not have the same energy as baby guitar

  4. Imagine she did not kill herself but was playing cookie clicker

  5. i downloaded cookie clicker.
    come at me bro.
    edit: help,i'm addicted. :V

  6. important message:

    cookies are drugs. don’t do drugs or cookies kids.
    (im joking I just made a joke.)

  7. Theres something different about them…

    (continues to vibrate on the ground)

    Meh, seems okay to me

  8. …..SAYORI..STOP…..

    Dont touch that website no more

  9. This is why you shouldn't give Sayori a computer

  10. “I will live the dream, unless it unpleasant, in which case me will eat a cookie” -Cookie Monster

  11. I looked at the video name and was just like
    "Oh no…"

  12. One day when theres a cookie war and it'll be because of sayori

  13. I imagine you must be proud when you look at your own videos ^^

  14. Amazingly good and funny thank you for making me laugh 😂

  15. lol lol • 10 years ago • 9 years ago • 8 years ago says:

    If sayori discovered a cookie clicker she would 100% use an autoclicker

  16. 0:34 When my friend at school has a donut and she gives me a sprinkle
    I F E E L D O M I N A N T

  17. MC and Monika: sayori what the fuck

  18. jesus those drugs are finally taking effect

  19. We all need cookies with eyes and mouth

  20. This is how I got 100000000,0000,000000 cookies-

  21. Damn I loved that game when I was younger 😂

  22. That’s problem with cookie clicker ( hey sayori is you see a cookie don’t go crazy)

  23. j'ai vu orelsan dans les videos qui défilait

  24. It’s sad to think of how many times this has happened to me.

    Yes I have traveled to space on cookies

  25. 1:21 My mom catching me playing games at 3AM

  26. this girl… this girl… sometimes she is the absolute preciousness and pureness and some times not even professional help can't help her

  27. Congratualation, you might Will defeat both Monika and Thanos that way-

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