Saitama VS The Baker (Cookie Clicker) -

Saitama VS The Baker (Cookie Clicker)

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  1. Can I show 1 Feat to show how he solos

    Made a real life item into a cookie
    – Metafictional Level

    He can quite literally make anything into a Cookie.
    He is Inaccessible Layers into Boundless.
    If that is not enough proof.

    Check out this video explaining Cookie Clicker Cosmology
    Not Enough?

    Not being cringy or anything but Edit:

    @ife6000 has actually supported this claim in the comments of the Video. Huge Shoutout to Him.
    This is what he says.
    The baker can also have infinite heaven ascended cookies right? This would make the baker transcend these heaven ascended cookies. This would again support your scale to beyond tiering+ or maybe even beyond tiering++.

    EDIT: there are infinite ascensions too

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