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RTGame Archive: Cookie Clicker

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This video was streamed by Rtgame, originally titled “I’ve never played this”, and was broadcasted at September 8th 2021

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RTGame streams on his Twitch channel on Tuesday & Thursday at 7pm, Saturday & Sunday at 3pm. All times are based in Ireland.

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  1. I love this guy but i actually had to stop watching because this video was causing a panic attack

  2. I would love a squad stream that was Dan playing more of this, and Kevin playing Breakout Idle, or whatever it was called.

  3. I had to quit this game for my sanity
    I’ve never felt worse

  4. ive been playing cookie clicker all throughout quarentine and i aint stopping now

  5. "But you see, it was I who turned Cookie Clicker into a cosmic horror story, and the Cthulhu grannies work at the chemical factory!"
    "Von Karma, no!"

  6. Aww yeah, my favourite episode of Man Clicks Button! Been waiting this for ages!

  7. I tried playing this game along with this stream and it was very entertaining

  8. There is an achievement for selling a grandma? I didn't even know you could sell people till yesterday!

  9. "I'm just going to leave this running overnight see how it goes"

    Has anyone looked into whether these idle click games are just coin miners?

  10. Not to be a cookie clicker "meta slave", but it kinda hurt me whenever he bought a ton of farms or farm upgrades.

  11. I got an upgrade called a trillion fingers. Cursers are 1/2 of my entire cookie production.

  12. reminds me of the time I reopened a game file that I made 3 years ago

    it was. something, to say the least.

    I still have the save file btw, might boot it up tomorrow

    edit: I opened it yesterday and tbh? not that much farther away from rt. I kinda never really played it just saved thr file and called it a day

  13. I’m stressed out because it’s taken him so long to upgrade everything the lofi only helped a bit but I’m going to have a stroke if he doesn’t optimize it I wish I had access to his pc so I could do some upgrades

  14. Breaking news: Daniels cookies cause a post apocalyptic disaster causing everyone on the earth to crave nothing but cookies and people are murdering each other for the cookies.

  15. Stream expectation: Dan clicking on some cookies.

    Stream reality: Dan starts a civil war in his comment section over whether or not he should dismiss his achievement popups.

  16. “Oh so shit is really starting to hit the fan now”
    He says an hour after shit hit the fan.

  17. Fun fact: if you put "Saysopensesame" after your bakery name you will create chaos

  18. "God shit's really hitting the fan- We need more cookies." This game in a nutshell

  19. I’m so glad this is on steam. Now I can run both my mining software and my cookie clicker game to really maximize my efficiency.

  20. Good to see rt settling into the idle game culturw

  21. Meta mindset. Cookie clicking on your phone/desktop watching an Irish madman streaming the same

  22. i remember being introduced to this in school and playing this instead of doing the task.
    well i clicked about 10 cookies when my classmates informed me on how to open the console…
    did you know that the cookie counter will break if you give yourself to many cookies at once?
    it yust sows infite since it thinks you got them legit.
    you also get an archievment for that.
    the time i spent coping and pasting that command over and over…
    it became a clicker again…
    it just changed to alt c…

  23. he starts talking at 4:07 for people who are impatient, and also watching a 3 hour long video of cookie

  24. Just Some Jersey Devil With Internet Access says:

    what was his score?

  25. I'm so glad he didn't know why cookie clicker was horror

  26. it'd be pretty funny if this became the most viewed stream vod

  27. grandma putting the dentures in indentured servitude

  28. 9:00 he was eareily accurate with the wrath of God thing (sorry for spelling feel free to correct me)

  29. You see Daniel it was I who made you miss all those golden cookies

  30. hes not doin it, he will never close it….. good

  31. Clicking on a cookie 🤢 Cooking on a clikie 😏

  32. I’m glad that with cookie clicker Dan can’t intentionally feck it up, I can sleep without waking up to laugh the pain away

  33. 'was there a gold one?….i missed it.' -dan about every 10 min. 🤣

  34. also a great solution to an overnight cookie stream is one of those little drinking bird bobber things above the click button.

  35. I love his lack of strategy. Nothing in his brain other than click the cookie. All I can say is, I'm here for it.

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