RockLeeSmile Live! - Cookie Clicker (Part 9) -

RockLeeSmile Live! – Cookie Clicker (Part 9)

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A rather dark and philosophical 2 parter of a Q&A stream… this goes together with Part 10.

Taken from a livestream I did on:


  1. plays cookie clicker for 28 minutes, gets 429,276,234,432 cookies. WHAT UP BRO!?!??!?!????!!!!!?!?!

  2. Oh my god, Nick. You like The Fall Of Troy? They're one of my favorite bands. Did you hear that they're planning on having new music out this year? They got back together late 2013

  3. "Sinking my finger in the cookie" just rockleesmile things

  4. The thing you said about subscribers and actual viewers is unfortunately true for most if not all channels on YouTube.

  5. So I guess donations are more useful to you than gifting games. I'll try to remember that. 😛
    Also I never get tired of Soul's games. Been watching every vid by ENB and it never gets old. 

  6. You should try making the cam look like the your head is the cookie with this "holy" glow around it, idk random ideas 😀

  7. Wow, your face really doesnt match your voice!  Very handsome man though!

  8. I love listening to Nick chat and ramble. Great to listen like a podcast while playing games 🙂

  9. when you started talking about the gender equality i got happy… you touched on the subject in a magic video i saw a few months back that is why i subscribed to you… i have seen soooo many hours of you now… and i enjoy it alot.

  10. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLZ PLAY STARBOUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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