RockLeeSmile Live! - Cookie Clicker (Part 11) -

RockLeeSmile Live! – Cookie Clicker (Part 11)

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Another Cookie Clicker Q&A stream – yes, a solid hour and a half of me answering questions! This one is from 5/21/14.

Taken from a livestream I did on:


  1. To me it kinda seems like a sore subject for nick (past relationships often can be) seems like he just wanted everyone off the subject pretty understandable to me honestly

  2. Hey Nick what time do you start your stream tonight? Finally got a day off work and want to watch your stream live for the first time!

  3. Also my fav type of cookie is maryland's choco goeys mmmmmmmmmm also cheest cake is my fav desert

  4. can you include the chat window somewhere in future videos assuming that isnt too difficult/time consuming to do?

  5. Nick's "cool" voice makes me cream myself. I'm serious. XD

  6. I've owned 2 Samoyeds so far in my life. They're WONDERFUL dogs, so hearing that your first dog was a Samoyed is pretty awesome. X3

  7. Really appreciate the live stream nick, its awesome watching your Q&A livestreams. Sadly i cant watch since i don't get enough sleep as it is and you start at about 2am for me ,I doubt my teachers would be pleased with me making up for it in their lessons :p
    One of the things i really like about your videos/streams is they always seem to be a bit deeper than most. A lot of videos aim for maximum laughs per minute which is great but its always nice to get the contrast that you do such a good job of offering.
    Thanks for all the work you do.

  8. Thank you for uploading this to YouTube Nick 🙂

  9. I understand where you're coming from about the marriage topic, but asking what the relevance is about it is just counter productive. What's the relevance to any question? Why have a Q&A to begin with? People gain a deeper connection with you by asking more personal questions. I love your content, but was just having trouble following that. Keep up the good work anyway. I look forward to more videos.

  10. Nick, you should totally play Castlevania: Bachelor of Silence.

  11. Ryan probably was a great influence, too, on your progress in your speaking ability. He's really good at speaking.

  12. Wanted to make this comment after listening to this on Twitch the other night.  A couple people have tried, but it's not really hitting the point.

    The reason why people want to know is because of the atmosphere you create with your viewers.  Yes, in part it is due to the "celebrity status" that you hold in some people's eyes and the nature of Hollywood with the paparazzi, but, for a lot of people, they consider you a friend in one way or another.  And a lot of people want to know about their friends.  No, it's not really any of their business, but the question is relevant to them after finding out this big unknown secret that you were married.

    Regardless, like when someone asked you why you chose the specific ear for getting a piercing, if it makes you uncomfortable to talk about, then don't and say you're just not ready/willing to talk about it due to the private nature of the content.  That's the key difference between myself and the people who kept asking the question after you tried to dodge the question, inferred discomfort on the subject.  To anyone asking a question, it's always relevant to them, so you have to MAKE it more relevant to you.  And if it's no big deal, just give a straightforward answer, though that could be a little iffy with the marriage question as it could lead to more uncomfortable questions.  "When did you get married? Why? Was it a big wedding?  What was she like?  Why did you get a divorce?"  Etc etc etc

    Doesn't matter though, I didn't watch the stream so I don't know what people were really saying other than what you read, but being blunt has its benefits sometimes.  <insert Magerold of Lanafir cheers>

  13. In the beginning Nick said he likes oreos dipped in milk, but that it isn't very controversial. So here is one that I find really good. Take a good burger just meat and cheese, put some potato salad on it (I suggest red skin) and place 2 peanut butter oreos in as well. Sounds strange, but is pretty great.

  14. Love the Q&A's Nick ! And nice you have an American car 😉 

  15. the new wolfenstein is not terrible – its a wee bit short but very worth a play – i too am very much looking forward to watchdogs – i have the dedsec prepaid

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