RockLeeSmile Live! - Cookie Clicker (Part 1) -

RockLeeSmile Live! – Cookie Clicker (Part 1)

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Let’s click some cookies with an audience in the hundreds. Why? Who knows. I’m addicted. Also featuring Austin / LastGreyWolf.

Check out Last Gray Wolf:

Taken from a livestream I did on August 31, 2013 on:
My Indie Impressions video on Cookie Clicker:


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    Web server is returning an unknown error

  2. im playing through with just cursors

  3. If ya poop in your dreams… YOU POOP FOR REAL!

  4. um,that photo,it fits perfectly with the comment

  5. Sounds like SAO. (Sword Art Online)

  6. No… I have 856,635,252,637,264 One of the upgrades are 99 billion…

  7. Frenzy cookies suck, I get 21 trillion cookies per frenzy and 24 trillion per lucky and 170 trillion per lucky during a frenzy. 😛

  8. "That sounds mechanical. Are you a sowing machine now Austin?"

  9. 1,.64,693,652,557,069,22e,+2 cookies atm and
    146,532,880,273,830,450,000 cookies per second. Beat that!

  10. This is how muck I have it soooooooooo more than your's!!!!!!!!! Ok here we go number is. 1 Dan Dan daannnnnnnn!!!

  11. i only got 2 antimatter condensors 🙁

  12. The game has a Prestige system. If you reset with a lot of cookies baked all time, you get Heavenly chips. Each heavenly chip increases your CpS+2%

  13. I,ve got over 1,000,000,000,000 cookies and am getting 248,199,315.6 cookies per second!

  14. found cookie clicker 2 days ago… my level of procrastination has increased so much lol

  15. I earn more than that (more like 100'000'000 per seconds

  16. enter this code infenet cookies and some other stuff…

  17. I've got 2,000,000,000 cookies right now….. There's a new upgrade, Antimatter Conedenser!! It's 3,999,999,999 cookies.

  18. New to cookie clicker? Wanana play? Go to this link to play! :

  19. So…. what the fuck is cookie clicker? You didn't even start to explain it in the first 3 minutes, so I'm done watching.

  20. …Is this a national debt simulator?

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