reaching the end of cookie clicker -

reaching the end of cookie clicker

Zackack The Beast
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Today we take a trip all the way to the end of a never-ending game! Or at least, sort of… Enjoy!


  1. Lol I added so many cookies it said infinity on the screen

  2. I remember doing the game.cookies code in elementary school and feeling so smart

  3. i gave this game up when i saw how long it takes to finish it

  4. wait if cheating actually gives u an achievement than u HAVE to cheat to complete the game

  5. i have been playing this game since 2014 and i completed 11 saves + all achivments unlocked except the cheated cookies taste awful. i just wanted to say that it's wrong to cheat and hack; your also lying to yourself and everyone else. But whatever pleases you, go for it.

  6. Can’t believe there’s this much plot to a point and click adventure game about a fuckin cookie

  7. I don't hope anyone has made it through legit gameplay…

  8. Imagine literally wasting your life playing this game legitimately rather than using extensions lmao

  9. use crispy says opensesame it will give you a dev tool

  10. like when i do the console and the game cookie it doesnt work can somebody call me why?

  11. You can hack the game by putting in the name bar "StrikersaysopenSesame"

  12. U can just inspect and get infinity I did


  14. i got to where no one wants to eat my cookies

  15. you could of just change your bakery name to crisp says
    opensesame and it will open the admin page

  16. I was playing cookie clicker for more than 50+ years

  17. lol i got a cheat if you change your bakerys name to saysopensesame it give you the dev console in the top left corner above the giant cookie

  18. I can’t find the game can send the link

  19. don't cheat I want you to do it legit like everybody else

  20. The end of the game is when you reach an integer overflow or w/e, i.e. where the game simply can't count any higher. When you are no longer able to buy any new buildings because they cost a completely impossible amount, etc. The highest possible CPS.

  21. Game.cookies = 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

  22. the cheat dosent work anymore none of them do i tried

  23. I enjoyed this video thank you for explaining because rn I'm in the middle of a play through and this was helpful thanks :>

  24. But … you didn't get every upgrade and achievement…

  25. ~~~Please read before commenting! Thanks!~~~
    Well, this video has gained an unusual amount of traction lately; so first things first, thanks to everyone who stopped through to give this a watch!

    Now, I'd like to address a common complaint I've seen in the comments about leaving out certain things about the game; and hopefully clear up any misconceptions.

    This video is about how to reach the end of cookie clicker, which in a game with no end, is subjective. My sense of 'beating' the game is when you're operating at maximum efficiency and have maxed out your production. Other people see the 'end' of the game as being when you unlock all the achievements, which is another good way of looking at it. This really just comes down to how you define beating a game that never actually ends.

    But regardless on your outlook of what it means to reach the end of the game, this video showcases everything I wanted it to, and serves the purpose I intended it for. So what stuff didn't I cover?

    1. As mentioned earlier, there are achievements you earn by completing certain things or getting to a certain production level, as well as shadow achievements that are hidden and rare to unlock.
    2. There are little 'minigames' that can be played with the farm, temple, and wizard towers which can all do a host of interesting things for you.
    3. Seasons. Cookie clicker has different seasons that come around and can give special perks to you.

    If you'd like to see an in-depth dive into all these different game mechanics and others in a new video, let me know! There are also different commands that can be used in the console to further your cheating in the game 🙂

    I think that just about covers everything. If you have further questions or concerns, leave them in a reply to this comment so I'll be sure to see it! Thanks again for watching!

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