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QUICK – How to use my Cookie Clicker stock tracker spreadsheet

Jacob Mills
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Copy the sheet from here:

For a guide on the updated sheet and how to make your own copy, go here:

For my entire life story and details on how the sheet works, go here:


  1. This has been working fine for months however recently no matter how I import the save all the values are #VALUE!. When I look at the data tab after doing it, the values for all the stocks are the same. Making a new copy of the sheet results in the same thing and even copying a save that worked from the data tab gives the same results

  2. Its telling me to sell when the items are at 0 and to buy when they're at MAX?

  3. instead of updating over the course of multiple weeks, could i just duplicate my tab many times and copy all of their saves in after waiting a day or so? would that give the same result?

  4. There is still something broken. The whole column in !Data for PBL needs to be for "Numbers" not automatic or PBL wont be calculated correctly.

  5. thanks. I just couldn't click cookies for the life of me, but this really cleared up how to do that. Vid could have been longer though imo

  6. Very useful, easy to understand at a glance. Is there a way to pull the save periodically instead of manual copy paste?

  7. I can't input my save data, it says i can only see but not insert anything

  8. It wont let me run the script to copy the data From the input section. When i click it says it needs permission, and then won't let me because google says it comes from an unverified thrid party. Any fixes?

  9. Not having a Reddit account so giving feedback here 🙂
    First of all, damn great job at that spreadsheet. Works perfect!

    Two things I think would still improve this a bit:
    1. Can you get the amount of currently owned stock of each type from the save data and show that in its own row on the Stats sheet? Ideally even include that number in the Advice row, so that if e.g. you don't have any of a certain type atm you won't get the suggestion to sell them.

    2. Every time I want to just add more data I have to switch to the Input sheet, because it will then switch back to the Stats automatically. So for just updating data over time this causes needless amounts of tab switches. As both the Stats and Input sheets only have a few rows each I think it would be nice if the Input was just part of the Stats sheet, as a single combined Main sheet you normally have open (unless you really want to look at your saved Data or Charts).

  10. about how often do you think we should add another entry for the data?

  11. Getting "Error
    | Function LEFT parameter 2 value is negative. It should be positive or zero." when I paste in my save. Any idea why?

    NVM, i think it was because i gave the script permission too many times. Seems to be working now.

  12. "error: div/0" for my bottom four values and advice. is this cuz I deleted all your data? granted I only have three saves in from the last twenty minutes so is that how it's supposed to work?

  13. Is it normal that it doesn't immediately update the stock numbers? When my in-game stocks change, it doesn't get picked up in the spreadsheet right away.. Is it normal that it has a delay?

  14. Thanks for the app! Do I need to input the game save every time I update the data? Or every time I advance in the game, like buying buildings?

  15. Thanks for this spreadsheet, it s really useful. 🙂 Does it falsify the results if I, for example, add data 20 times in one day and then the next day only 2 times?

  16. Thank you so much! You've been through such lengths to then share this. Making the spreadsheet/app, the videos, uploading it all, excellent.

  17. Time to use this on real life stocks 📈

  18. Is there a way for me to know how much i should buy of each, like for example i don't know if i should by 10, 100 or more.

  19. But doesn't this completely ignore the resting values of each unit? The rises and falls are (partially) determined by how far off they are to their resting values. For example: if the price of a stock unit has been really high for a long time and then drops a little, this spreadsheet would tell you to buy. But in all likelihood, the price will drop much further, because it's still way above the resting value. This scenario would make you lose money instead of gaining it. Or am I missing something here? (Yes, I watched the long in-depth video too)

  20. Sorry to bother you. I was having trouble, so I made a new copy, brought my data over, and turned stock-based highlights to "N". Same issue after those steps. All of my cells start with something like "#VALUE!=AVERAGE(Data!D3:D)" (top left-most cell in Stats tab). When I hover the cells they read "Function LEFT parameter 2 value is negative. It should be positive or zero." Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

  21. Hey, I have a question! This might be kind of unrelated, but, how do you turn on the "Toggle Speed" option at the Stock Market? I used to be able to change it, but I can't open it now, not even with opensesame…

  22. Do I need to reset when I ascend, or are all the underlying numbers constant across ascensions?

  23. If you didn't know, it's on Steam now, you should do another video. :O!

  24. Crazy! thank you so much, im not very fan of the stock market and this will make things easier ^^

  25. Will you update it maybe? Saves kinda changed maybe only because new building maybe bcs new formulas but it changed so spreadsheet does not work 🙁

  26. Hello!
    Something wrong with PBL. MIN/MAX incorrent in 2.048 Cookies Stock Tracker example

  27. Hey i noticed with the updated spreadsheet the new publicists' data will always tell me to sell the stock even though the price is way lower than the "Average Low" and the "Avg Low Under %tile Threshold" Please help.

  28. Hi, I've been having problems with the PBL column never giving advice, it only shows #NUM! this is even after a couple of save entries. High/Low percentile and also the Average over High/Low percentile are #NUM! as well. The average, average high, and average low all remain at #DIV/0! The only thing it really updates are current price, and current stock. Is there something that I have to do on my end, or is this more something that you'd have to do? I've made a copy of the sheet after checking your patch notes on the original and only messed with wiping the save and adding saves, if that helps any.

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