PSA: You Are Wasting Your Life With Incremental Games Like Cookie Clicker -

PSA: You Are Wasting Your Life With Incremental Games Like Cookie Clicker

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  1. I like incremental games, even made a thing talking about it when I was bored. I agree with your points, but the lack interactivity could also mean you can have it on in the background while you do something actually entertaining. I do understand the downward spiral you're talking about, and I have to say saying to yourself "I'm not gonna play cookie clicker" does work.
    If you're wondering about my personal appeal to incremental games, I'm mostly just curious about what kind of stuff they can throw at me. Things like Cookie Clicker have the grandmacopalypse/grandmatriarch, Trimps has the world splitting apart, corruption and other stuff, Evolve (a small incremental game) has all kinds of different species and so on and so forth. Don't forget that incremental elements might still appear in other games, like grinding for a certain thing. Although it's more mentally stimulating than "bake X amount of cookies" or "gain X amount of prestige".
    You could argue I'm searching for another kick and of course I am, but everything can fill that hole, let it be PAYDAY 2, Terraria, Plants Vs. Zombies, you name it.

    I don't exactly know why I am writing this, I am just passionate about incremental games.

  2. It's funny, because i like hearing Vaush's takes on these things for a laugh, despite me normally despising when people have strong opinions on trivial shit like this. I don't know. He's just very obviously thought all of these things so thoroughly through, which i find funny.

  3. I like the game home quest its kinda incremental but the story is nice.

  4. Ok but I'm just gonna mention that there is one strat in Cookie clicker that I find fun. Specifically, I have a scheme where I get the ability to cast spells (gained by spending a sugar lump on the wizard tower upgrade), and then, with about 100, maybe 150 wizard towers, I have a lot of max mana. What I do from there is I cast the spell that summons a golden cookie while there's a natural one on screen, to summon two at once. Then I click them, and if they happen to give multiplicative bonuses to production (which can stack in crazy ways), I summon a third cookie. You might think "wait what how do you still have the mana to summon a third one, you need time to recharge right?" Wrong. I sell most of my wizard towers, lowering my max mana, but keeping my current amount the same, and lowering the mana cost of the spell (as it's partially determined by a percentage of max mana).

  5. i have experienced the surreal mindsuck you speak of, though your specific reference of cookie clicker actually gave me a few dozen hours i quite valued * shrug *

  6. I feel like the satire of cookie clicker is worth a play through, but there really is no need to to keep playing it.

  7. Dude this was good vasuh, it helped not feel so alone when I game in to a coma and feel lost idk but this was a good explanation

  8. I watched this while playing Perfect Tower II in another display

  9. Vowsh = do what you want unless its harming other people I dont care

    Also Vowsh = runescape bad

  10. I agree in general with the exception of the one about the paperclips.

  11. Vaush's most incorrect take yet. At least with his skyrim take he might save someone time and money, but he's denying dopamine to poor cookie-clicking teens to save what? 30 minutes a day and $5 once? Unsubbed /s

  12. Imagine being a guy who plays video games for a living, telling people something they do might be a waste of time. To live a truly complete life like Vaush, spend days playing Super Mario Sunshine.

  13. Idc "a dark room" is still a great game, it's got a fun story and rpg mechanics

  14. Wow bad take. Cookie clicker is awesome

  15. Why does he feel so strongly about this omg it's just a game ur wasting ur life either way

  16. I'm making a game with infinite progression…. But it's a dungeon crawler bullet hell with actual gameplay

  17. I can't relate. I've loved video games since I was tiny, but not a one has had me playing like that for more than a week or two before I just don't boot it up again. At a certain point I always hit a wall where I don't feel like doing more. I leave tons of games unfinished that don't even HAVE grind.

  18. I like to work out ways to cheat at incremental games and turn them into a game I enjoy more. Like crafting macros for them or whatever.

  19. If you think this is Vaush trying to be a life coach / motivational speaker, then nobody has ever sat you down and told you that you can and should improve yourself in an honest way.

  20. "I dont like when people enjoy things because its stupid and im smart and people should like things that are smart, like me cuz im smart"

  21. This is your worst take ever, seriously considering the kind of person you are after hearing this video. The hubris

  22. One great way to help your depression and save time: stop reading yt comments

  23. okay im kind of dumb and its 4:44 am and I'm high but whats an incremental game? would pokemon go count as one? i know i can watch the video and probably find out but i just added it to my watch laterb cos jm going to sleep. this is a serious question. thanks

  24. Life is a waste of time so idc what games people play.

  25. this is me but with mario kart because im so good i can just autopilot and win almost every time

  26. Okay, point taken, but cookie clicker isn’t a good example. The point of that game is a critique of how pointless and stupid capitalism is and the mode of the game only drives that. It slowly spirals into a full on cosmic cookie horror. Most idle games are pretty shit, granted, but I think cookie clicker is self aware. The game is grinding and arbitrary bc so id the subject it’s critiquing

  27. Cookie Clicker can be intense if you take the time to learn all of the mechanics and calculate the exact/precise way to get the greatest number of cookies possible in a certain time. He does say that it depends on HOW you interact with a thing.

  28. I somewhat agree with this but I also feel like it‘s a bit overdramatic. Like, there‘s a difference between being desperately addicted to something you don‘t even really enjoy, and just having something to come back to each day as a side hobby just to keep a routine and also engage and let off steam. As an artist I often use various „boring“ games to let off steam mentally and to recharge my mind for more work later on. And I wouldn‘t say that it isn‘t fun. This is why I also feel like this kind of sounds like the „anything that‘s not productive is useless sh*it you don‘t need get up at 5am and never do anything other than work all day!“ mentality just less about work and more about enjoying media vaush deems as better I guess. Like Tetris for example isn‘t really deep in terms of a story or anything. But we still play it for fun? So what‘s the issue? There‘s no point to it either but who cares? There‘s no real point to any game you play unless ur a streamer but that doesn‘t make all gaming wrong or a waste of time? Can‘t ppl just have fun with things without constantly worrying about „time well spent.“? Not to mention that the „don‘t waste your time!“ bs argument is stupid in the first place. We waste time all the time. On our way to work. On break time, when we sleep, on the toilet. Like we can‘t maximize the quality of our time 24/07 that‘s ridiculous. So this really seems like a bit of a wild take to me. Some dumb game u play every day for like 10 minutes isn‘t an indicator that you‘ve lost your life. So could be a daily amount of youtube vids or anything like that. Or listening to familiar music. Just let ppl live their life. Sure, if they are seriously messing up their schedules or of they are addicted to something they don‘t enjoy that can ofc still be managed and deserves to be critically viewed, but idle games or long term games for their own sakw aren‘t really more of a time waste than any other game. And i guess at least with stuff like idle games i can also compfortably go do some work and still have my game do something at the same time and it‘s fun to see how we both progressed in a way. Me with my work and the game with it‘s constant rise. Because i enjoy games that give me time to be away and tend to other things and to be able to come back way later and have it naturally go along with me that way other than to play some hyper engaging game all the time. Those can be fun as well. But i don‘t see these types of games as perfect either. In fact if‘s harder to go away from hyper engagement with adhd than it is to go away from idle games cause they require it. They deliberately ask you to wait and tend to other things and that‘s nice imo. That‘s also why i stuck to minecraft for so long. Because i can peacefully build up my own paradise there and then when i get a task done i log off and tend to my work or other things happily not too bothered by not having to think about how i‘m in the middle of a story or anything. Not every game needs to be a cinematic masterpiece with comstant action and constant engagement and this take just doesn‘t really sit well with me. Yes if you have depression you should try to get up and do stuff, vaush is right on that front 100%. But in any other case all games are kinda meaningless and rarely will one be a massive piece of art so really there‘s no need to gatekeep here. As long as ppl are enjoying these things they are fine. After all, an addiction or obsession is only that if it actually harms your life in some way or if it makes your mental health go bad and ur relationships go south. But if none of that applies to you, you fdon‘t need to feel bad about enjoying a game vaush can‘t grasp the fun of because that is subjective.

  29. I literally always have like 3 incremental games active at all times.

  30. Yeah this is one of my vices and its exacerbated some of the most stressful moments of my life. To the point where, if i find myself playing cookie clicker regularly, i become aware that im in it BAD

  31. I coincidentally just deleted like 6 games of this style 10 minutes before seeing this video in my recommended lmao

  32. Damn. The first 22 seconds fuckin called me out bro. It’s like, the thing i already knew, that I knew I knew but that I needed to hear to get it through: I don’t play incremental games, but I only do the same few things all day, not necessarily because I like doing them, but because they’re safe and familiar and thus comfortable.

  33. but that was literally the point of the joke behind why Cookie Clicker exists in the first place

  34. i have been feeling this for a while. i’m at the point where i’m frustrated at these idiots. bro i’m literally helping you and you’re mad. idk what to do.

  35. Disagree. Checking in every couple hours or days is not really a life waster

  36. I had to go to the bathroom in the middle of this.

  37. Ppl actually still play these types of games?

  38. i bet he just got really far in cookie clicker, and then his save got wiped.

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