Prestige in 22 Hours [Cookie Clicker] -

Prestige in 22 Hours [Cookie Clicker]

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Hey guys, we have managed to finally prestige in the game of cookie clicker. We get to see how the heavenly coins work along with the prestige level. And we also have a goal for this game, I mention it later on in the video. Be sure to subscribe for more videos.
This game I have been doing a non-stop grind on and we managed to be able to prestige in 22 hours roughly. Definitely I find this game pretty fun and I want to play more of it especially if I get that one perk.
Thanks for watching and have a great rest of your day 😁



  1. Play more superpower fighting simulator

  2. Anyways this is the game that a friend of mine was playing, and I wanted to see how long it takes to prestige. I feel like you shouldn't prestige right away like I did, nor should you rush the sugar lump process because I screwed mine up and you only get one sugar thing every 20 hours or so. Sad days.

    Either way the game I think is fun and I want to discover what is on that skill tree and see how op I can be. Thanks for watching 😁

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