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lets make some cookies

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if anyone sees this, comment “Farm Balls”


  1. Finely a game you like honestly i am also picky whan it comes to games i can relate to you i mean everytime i download a new game besides fnaf i say no to tham in a minute

  2. thats a scam on google its free and u dont lose the cookies

  3. A man seal okay your finger broke looking at heart

  4. I have 100M Cookies It took me a month To get.
    This Many cookies and I have 1,000 grandma's 4,000 Clickers 6900 Thousand farms And? 7890 Mine 8900 Factories 9800 Banks

  5. please play cut the rope it will make you rage

  6. I’m gonna give you a tip how do you get a lot of stuff in the game where you can get infinite cookies type in for example I did booty says open Sesame

  7. And you’ll see this like earth thing go to it they have these times 10 times are cookies seven if you had 10,000 cookies you have 20,000 100,000 cookies get off the times that by 1000 and if you have 10,000 cookies you’re gonna have 1 million cookies

  8. A normally a zoo where creeping animal, the white and gray and they trying to get you it’s your weapons to defeat butt butt you have this blaster you don’t like

  9. I’m 0yrs old every like i get I get older

  10. "Bull semen" NAWWW I'M ROLLING ON THE FLOOR 😂😭

  11. 0:44 Bro 2 cookies cost like $100000000000000 nowadays

  12. My son wants you to know he has 24 billion cookies.

  13. dj i suggest you play a fortnite ripoff i hate fortnite ripoffs because the devs do a terrible job at making a fortnite ripoffs the graphics are terrible in the fortnite ripoffs and they spam you with a lot of ads and i prefer fortnite over those stupid fortnite ripoffs everytime when i see a fortnite ripoff and play then i will give a 1 star because of the terrible graphics and the annoying ads

  14. Cookie clicker is very addicted at least to me. I have over 1.5 billion cookies in counting on an account that I recently started. I remember playing this game back in elementary school.

  15. Do dogsshitsaysopensesame your gonna see a green thing next to how much cookies then press 1k

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