Playing The Best Idle Game In The World: Cookie Clicker -

Playing The Best Idle Game In The World: Cookie Clicker

Lowlander Gaming
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Cookie Clicker must be the best game in the world right? Doing a cookie clicker speedrun in this video. trying to get 1000000 cookies as fast a possible.

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  1. i used to have rocket ships and stuff like that in that game

  2. i’m watching this over a Ready or Not and League video

  3. This brings me back to my math lectures in high school

  4. 5:45 we realised promoting this channel is injurious to valorant channel

  5. You made me want to play that game again, my mouse will hate you for that.

    If you want fun games to play i can recommend: Unrailed (this is even more fun in coop), Slay the spire, Regions of ruin, Learn to fly 3 (it is on steam) and 911 Operator. These are pretty simple games that i had fun playing before. Maybe not nostalgia but i hope it will be good fit for you.

  6. I remember this game, during online school I used to play it a lot. I just checked my profile and i have over 3 trillion cookies and everything maxed out (pretty much) It's super fun to see you play this Mr. Lowlander!

  7. I remember I used to play this game a lot during only school having a ato clicker is op

  8. I may or may not have over 1000 hours of cookie clicker

  9. I really enjoy this type of content from you!!! I was shocked at how underrated this channel is :)))

  10. Dang, I din't even remember early game anymore, it's all cookies, nothing but cookies… HElp ejnj save me s=frorm ntht e cookei sehhain ehe helps plss enejf ther'eeees to many of them amfffffffffff ahahahaa help thatss aa big numberer. euheve !

  11. I like the more chill and goofy vibe 😄 a good break from the Val

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