Playing cookie clicker with frictionless scroll wheel Pt2 -

Playing cookie clicker with frictionless scroll wheel Pt2

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  1. the reason it stops is bc it needs to wait 4 milliseconds so if you get 1m cookies in under that time it will still only count as one click

  2. cookie clicker does not like 2000cps

  3. the reason why it isnt going fast is because in cookie clicker you can only register clicking the cookie after 0.4 seconds so even if you had 10 million auto clickers going on all at the same time it is the same as 1 auto clicker

  4. It might be cuz the game thinks ur holding left click so it just dose it super slow

  5. I think pcs only register clicks 15 millisecond or over

  6. There's a limit in how fast you can click, it's about 25CPS and I think you hit that

  7. Your logitech is on settings that make it so it doesn’t register stuff like double clicks or drag clicking I think

  8. I mapped a button on the side to be an autoclicker, so whenerever i click the button on the mouse (not left click but the button you mapped to be the autoclicker) i get alot of cookes. Press it again to stop.

  9. I dislike gay people 🏳️‍🌈⃠ says:

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  10. Inspect element goes along way😮‍💨 ifykyk

  11. The cookies are actually registering properly its just that cookie clicker has an autoclicker anticheat where you can only click every 4 miliseconds

  12. Cookie clicker actually have a has a cap so peoples computers to blow up every one millisecond it doesn’t work it Hass to click once every 4 ms to be the fastest actually has a cabin for milliseconds so it won’t be that fast

  13. This is useless. Cookie Clicker has an anticheat, when you click the cookie you can't click it again for 4 milliseconds. You're better off using a regular autoclicker instead.

  14. To make it register better bind it more times. What I mean with this is bind left click to scroll 10 times.

  15. Cookie clicker has a limit to how many clicks it can receive in a given time frame so it went over that

  16. If you click 100 times in 4 mili second it registers only one stop stop the game from crashing from auto clickers

  17. lol you stupid
    there are auto click application

  18. draw a black dot on the wheel. maybe the optical sensor will register the spins better. Alot of engineers use this technique to measure rpm on smth

  19. Put a little peice of colored tape on both sides of the wheel might work

  20. This is fake because cookie clicker has a period of time that it prevents you from clicking, also you didn't get the uncanny clicker acevement

  21. Thanks for uploading this, I'm never getting tiktok and PT1 was a tiktok ad so I had to see PT2

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