Playing cookie clicker with frictionless scroll wheel Pt2 -

Playing cookie clicker with frictionless scroll wheel Pt2

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  1. The cookies are actually registering properly its just that cookie clicker has an autoclicker anticheat where you can only click every 4 miliseconds

  2. Cookie clicker actually have a has a cap so peoples computers to blow up every one millisecond it doesn’t work it Hass to click once every 4 ms to be the fastest actually has a cabin for milliseconds so it won’t be that fast

  3. This is useless. Cookie Clicker has an anticheat, when you click the cookie you can't click it again for 4 milliseconds. You're better off using a regular autoclicker instead.

  4. To make it register better bind it more times. What I mean with this is bind left click to scroll 10 times.

  5. Cookie clicker has a limit to how many clicks it can receive in a given time frame so it went over that

  6. If you click 100 times in 4 mili second it registers only one stop stop the game from crashing from auto clickers

  7. lol you stupid
    there are auto click application

  8. draw a black dot on the wheel. maybe the optical sensor will register the spins better. Alot of engineers use this technique to measure rpm on smth

  9. Put a little peice of colored tape on both sides of the wheel might work

  10. This is fake because cookie clicker has a period of time that it prevents you from clicking, also you didn't get the uncanny clicker acevement

  11. Thanks for uploading this, I'm never getting tiktok and PT1 was a tiktok ad so I had to see PT2

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