(PB) [5:35] Cookie Clicker - 1 Million Cookies - No Golden Cookies - Autoclicker - playegndary.com

(PB) [5:35] Cookie Clicker – 1 Million Cookies – No Golden Cookies – Autoclicker

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5 years later, I’m still clicking cookies… but faster !!! (The Voice is from a Run 2 Speedrun)
This speedrun uses an autoclicker (250cps)
I did it for fun and to understand the maximum potential of the game.


  1. BRO THATS 100x FASTER TEN ME 😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

  2. Bruh what's even more fake about it is that it ISNT EVEN 1 MILLION. Its just 100k.Edit: So click bait.

  3. One million, in 5 minutes and 35 seconds? I don't buy it, it 300-400k at most.

  4. My Run 2 speedrun in the backround in the beginning LMAO

  5. Wow,suddenly DHA starts to record cookie clicker speedruns…L o l

  6. Bruh I just looked at the time on this video and had a panic attack "5:35? What the fuck? NGC?" Then thank God I looked in the description. You scared the shit out of my dha.

  7. This is the worst fake speedrun in history, did you seriously expect anyone to believe this?

  8. How do you get 250 cps with an auto clicker? I haven't tried that yet lol

  9. 1 million cookies.
    In 5 minutes?
    Yeah I don't buy it, the math doesn't add up.

    300k absolute max.

  10. Guys, this is an autoclicker. I've seen so many comments of ppl bashing on this guy cuz the run is "fake". Its an autoclicker. Its incredibly fast cuz its automatic.

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