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Quick video showcasing the new building and aura effect in cookie clicker.
Orteil will be adding new heavenly upgrades soon, so stay tuned
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  1. At the end of the video you got the best cookie chain in history

  2. The last one is unvingintillion 😭 i checked it in my cheated save

  3. The new achievements are “stifling the press” (which requires you to “squish the news ticker flat, then click on it”). And “Baby It’s old outside” which requires you to “click one of Santa’s helper grandmas during Christmas season”.

  4. Hey I need help. I play cookie clicker on my school laptop and I would like to try out the new beta version, but the regular cookie clicker website has been blocked, which made me have to play on a different site, with the v2.031. Does anyone know if there is an unblocked version of the beta?? Thanks.

  5. I am enjoying your cookie clicker series ! (I lost my save file the other day)

  6. I don’t have the update on my current run. Any way to make the update Happen for me?

  7. i just noticed that they made the "just plain lucky" achievement twice as hard to get, with it now being 1 in 1 million every second instead of 1 in 500 000, as it was previously

  8. Hello my question has nothing to do with the video but, may I ask you if there's any reason of you not having achived endless cycle? I want to do it but i don't know if having +1000 ascensions has negative effects on the game. Hope you can help me thx

  9. these tier names are improving with each tier. glucosium, what's next, doughium? elderium?

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