New Cookie Clicker Beta Update: THE FINAL BUILDING IS YOU -

New Cookie Clicker Beta Update: THE FINAL BUILDING IS YOU

Aza Nice
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  1. how do i play the 2.0053 cookie clicker update

  2. The 2052 update is OP my CpS increased 50 times in a couple minutes, why is the 2052 not on steam?

  3. New Cookie Clicker Beta Update: THE FINAL BUILDING IS YOU

  4. to get the gifts you need to have the heavenly upgrade

  5. So it will be the last building ever added to the game??

  6. This is crazy! I'm so hyped for this new update, but I also somewhat ruined the fun by already owning a few quattuorvigintillion cookies (oopsies!)

  7. Update looks fire, cant wait to play for 10 hours straight!!!!1

  8. Wowza… crazy to see that's the final building

  9. Another year, another yearly cookie clicker update!!

  10. Roughly what date do you think this update might drop to the live version?

  11. Trevigintillion!!!!! you have to make a vid when you get that achievement along with every single other achievement


  13. do you want develeper tools??? i know how to get them. its ez

  14. This update is ridículous no play more cookie clicker 👎

  15. Hey Aza, I was wondering what you think the best way to escape the novemdecillions is?

  16. Where can I get the cursor that it uses, it seems pretty nice to me.

  17. I'm currently playing the mobile version
    Hope one day it becomes as great as the PC version

  18. i love how many references there are in this game

  19. Aaaa, I'm so hyped for the new update!! I'm so excited I might even start a new file for the new update, as I've almost got every single achivement already

  20. Good luck on getting trevigintillion, shouldn't be too hard once you ascend

  21. Aza, can you use your math 2.2 predicting skills for when this will come to the live version?

  22. Orteil said he would update the mobile version after this update, and I'm personally excited!

  23. 2.51 came out exactly 2 weeks after 2.50… I was really hoping the update would hit the live version exactly 2 weeks after 2.51, but no such luck, not sure when it might come out now, hopefully not too long

  24. link to the game if you would please(edit) jsur typed it in i got the game

  25. i like this update. hope it gets put into the public branch on steam soon. couple of easy achievements, and it has taken me out of the slump of not progressing that much

  26. This is awesome!! Crazy to see how far the game has come that there's now a definitive final building after 10 years of updates! So excited to see what else Orteil has in story for us

  27. In my run, I've just unlocked juicy queenbeets, just to discover I cannot plant them… I feel scammed, I really think you should be able to, taking into cosideration how hard is it to get them, and the fact that they take over 2 days to grow, I don't think is too broken at all. specially if you start counting how many sugar lumps you need to bring every bulding at lvl 10 and cursos to lvl 20, plus having 100 extra sugar lumps for cps… that's to much, juicy queenbeets should be more useful or not be so hard to get.

  28. i called out how "we" are gonna work as buildings
    Edit: what would be clever for the last building to do is to name itself after your IGN (which can be changed later)

  29. I havent gotten the new update yet although this vid is a month old and I play on the browser version. I tried to see if their was anywhere where it said I needed to update because I am not getting new stuff but their isnt. If anyone knows what issue might be please let me know

  30. The last update is gonna be so sad, so much has been added to the game it’s felt like an adventure.

  31. Hey Aza,

    I have a problem with my cookie clicker. Recently I started the grandmapocolypse and whenever I use the Elder pledge or convent it still only gives me wrath cookies. I can’t do any golden cookie buffs because of this. Do you know any way around this?

  32. I’m assuming it’s “you” as the last upgrade because the endgame upgrades rare awesome so since “you” is the last upgrade it means “you” are awesome

  33. bro duovigttion is 69 zero's

  34. imagine there is eports where people compete on cookie clicker

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